15 Best Dental Recall Softwares to Help your Practice

Mia Jensen | September 14, 2023 | 13 min read
15 Best Dental Recall Softwares to Help your Practice | DemandHub

Did you know that over 40% of dental patients forget and do not return for their recommended follow-up visits? That’s a lot of revenue leakage!

Dental recall software provides the ultimate solution to this problem. In this definitive guide, we will discuss the 15 best dental recall software that will revolutionize how you manage patient recalls, boost conversions, and maximize revenue.

With the right tools, you can effortlessly engage patients, improve patient retention, and keep your calendar full.

Bid adieu to empty chairs and say hello to a successful dental practice as we explore these modern tools designed specifically for dental practices like yours, and watch your patient recall success rate soar to new heights.

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What is dental recall software?

Dental recall software keeps your dental practice bustling by managing patient appointments and sending timely reminders for follow-up visits.

A dental recall solution enables your staff to secure the next appointment before a patient leaves the office. And if that doesn’t work, the system employs emails, texts, or phone calls to encourage patients to choose your practice for their future dental care needs.

Best dental recall software automates patient reminders and allows customization of communication frequency. Also, it syncs like a charm with your EHR software once appointments are confirmed.

By handling reminders, follow-ups, and correspondences efficiently, this nifty software lets your team zero in on delivering exceptional patient experiences during their visits

Why does dental recall matter?

Patient recall matters because it allows you to tap into the goldmine of existing patients, which is particularly important considering that attracting a new patient costs 6 to 7 times more than retaining an existing one.

One healthcare executive has estimated that it costs 90% less to get current patients to return for future care than it does to attract new ones.

According to Etactics, for every 1% increase in patient retention, there is a 4% improvement in patient lifetime value. This means that if a healthcare provider’s retention rate is 36% and a patient’s lifetime value is $15,000, then increasing the retention rate to 37% increases the lifetime value by $600.

Therefore, investing in patient retention strategies and recall software can help dental practices save money and improve profitability.

A robust dental recall system streamlines your schedule and sends out automated reminders, motivating patients to come back for follow-up visits.

In this article, we have compiled a list of dental recall software to help you retain patients and grow your dental practice. We will also cover the following:

  • An overview of dental recall software;
  • 5 dental recall methods for effective patient communication;
  • A handpicked list of the top 15 dental recall software to re-engage patients and keep your office bustling.

So, hang tight as we dive into the realm of dental marketing solutions and unveil their potential to transform your dental practice.

Dental recall methods for effective patient communication

Connecting with your patients in the most effective way is key. So, use the methods that resonate with your patients. We recommend experimenting with various approaches and tracking their performance to fine-tune your strategy.

Currently, 6 primary communication methods reign supreme for dental recall purposes:

Dental recall methods for effective patient communication

1. Text Messaging (SMS)

Did you know that 60% of patients will read a text within 1 to 5 minutes of receiving it? Text message reminders have high open rates (98%) and can effectively prompt patients to confirm or reschedule appointments. Add a CTA in the SMS that allows patients to respond with a simple ‘Y’ or ‘N’. It makes it easy for them to reply to your text message and removes the hassle of calling your office.

You can use text to send:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment confirmations and rescheduling
  • New service offerings
  • Promotional discounts and packages
  • Feedback and review links
  • Webinars and event invitations
  • Appointment booking links to re-engage patients
  • Special occasion greetings and milestone reminders

2. Email

Sending personalized emails for appointment reminders and follow-ups is widely used and cost-effective. With your patients’ email proficiency, you’ll likely get quick replies, helping you close the communication loop quickly compared to other forms of traditional marketing.

You can use email to send:

  • Auto reminders
  • Appointment confirmations, rescheduling
  • Medication, treatment follow-ups
  • Appointment scheduling links to re-engage patients
  • New services or offerings
  • Webinars, event invitations
  • Patient feedback or review links
  • Discounts, promotional packages
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Special greetings, milestone reminders

3. In-person communication

Engaging with patients face-to-face during their visits allows for a personal connection. It is also an opportunity to discuss the importance of regular check-ups.

Your dental team can emphasize the value of maintaining oral health and proactively schedule follow-up appointments before the patient leaves the office. This direct approach helps build trust and rapport with patients, increasing the likelihood of their return for future dental care.

During in-person communication, you can:

  • Verbally remind patients about upcoming appointments.
  • Provide educational material such as brochures, pamphlets, or flyers on dental care, treatment options, and oral hygiene tips.
  • Discuss personalized treatment plans with patients, addressing their concerns and answering questions.
  • Inform patients about new services, technologies, or treatments available at your practice.
  • Share information on promotional discounts, special deals, loyalty programs, or referral incentives.
  • Provide post-visit follow-ups after appointments, discuss the results of examinations or procedures, and provide guidance on the next steps.
  • Request patients to provide feedback or write reviews about their experience at your practice.
  • Demonstrate oral hygiene by showing patients the proper techniques for brushing, flossing, and other aspects of oral care.

4. Social media channels

Leveraging social media is a powerful and interactive way to engage with patients beyond the dental chair while showcasing your professional image. It will help establish a deeper connection and loyalty to your practice. Use social media to remind patients of your exceptional services and encourage them to trust your care.

You can even use social media platforms to directly convert patients, just like Brush Dentist did through their Instagram!

You can use social media to post:

  • Patient reviews and testimonials (photos or videos)
  • Video office tours
  • Introduction of your care team
  • Before/after transformation photos
  • DIY tips and educational content
  • Product recommendations
  • Event registration and appointment booking reminders links
  • Celebrating team milestones
  • Special occasion greetings
  • Participation in conferences and community outreach programs

5. Phone Call

Phone call appointment reminders can be highly effective when personalized and packed with helpful tips to prepare patients for their visits. Ensuring the timing is just right makes these calls non-intrusive and helps minimize no-shows and cancellations.

Even with various communication tools available, some patients might still favor phone calls for all their interactions. There will also be situations where a good old-fashioned phone call is the best approach.

Be sure to use phone calls for patient recall when other, less time-consuming methods haven’t gained traction or when you know it’s a patient’s preferred mode of communication.

You can use phone calls to:

  • Confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Remind patients of their appointments
  • Follow-up on medication and treatment
  • Remind for event participation

Top 15 dental recall solutions in 2024

Manually managing patient recall initiatives can be incredibly time-consuming and laborious. Instead, automate most dental recall tasks using a dental management solution.

In the following section, we’ll dive into the best dental recall software available:

1. DemandHub

DemandHub offers a modern and efficient patient experience with its all-in-one practice growth platform.


DemandHub revolutionizes your patient recall strategy by offering automated appointment reminders, online scheduling, customizable reminder sequences, and seamless confirmation updates that sync effortlessly with your integrated EHR system.

With DemandHub’s all-in-one patient engagement platform, you can focus on managing your practice and providing exceptional patient care while filling your schedule and ensuring patients return.

Fill your schedule effortlessly

DemandHub’s patient recall software ensures an efficient and effective dental recall process, improving patient satisfaction and increasing loyalty and profits.

Book a demo today to uncover the full potential of DemandHub and grow your dental practice to new heights.

2. RevenueWell


Image source: Revenuewell

RevenueWell is a dental marketing and communication software with a recall system, targeted campaigns, and online appointment scheduling. It helps streamline patient communication and boosts practice growth.

Its automated confirmation system sends reminder texts on the same day as the appointment, eliminating no-show appointments.

3. Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse 360

Image source: Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse takes the hassle out of mundane daily tasks, freeing up your team to concentrate on delivering quality patient care. Its reactivation outreach feature targets inactive patients by sending personalized, automated recall emails, encouraging their return to your practice. It also offers a patient portal and family messaging feature for efficient communication.

4. Solutionreach


Image source: Solutionreach

Solutionreach is a comprehensive patient engagement platform that provides automated recall reminders, appointment confirmations, and two-way text messaging. It also includes patient reviews, online scheduling, and patient education materials.

5. Weave


Image source: Weave

Weave provides a unified patient communication and engagement solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It covers various interactions, from the first phone call to final billing, linking each aspect of the patient journey.

It also integrates with other practice management systems, improving patient communication and increasing practice efficiency.

6. Flex Dental

Flex Dental

Image source: Flex Dental

Flex Dental is a dental recall software that focuses on recall, reminders, and appointment confirmations. It offers multi-channel communication options such as texting, email, and phone calls to engage with patients according to their preferences.

7. RecallMax


Image source: Recall Max

Recall Max is a patient recall software designed specifically for dental practices. It streamlines patient recall by automating appointment reminders, follow-ups, and patient communication. The primary goal of RecallMax is to help dental practices increase patient retention, reduce no-shows, and boost revenue.

8. Doctible


Image source: Doctible

Doctible, a HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform, focuses on helping your practice maintain its existing patient base. In addition to automating reminders and recurring treatment or operatory messages, Doctible keeps your schedule packed, driving your business goals. Its standout feature is the virtual waiting room.

9. Legwork


Image source: Legwork

Legwork is a comprehensive marketing growth platform. It helps you keep your patients engaged at every stage of their journey. Legwork helps you create an eye-catching and interactive website that showcases solutions to patients’ needs.

It streamlines the appointment booking process, ultimately leading to increased retention rates. Plus, it offers a helping hand with Google Search advertising for that extra visibility edge.

10. DoctorConnect


Image source: DoctorConnect

DoctorConnect is a patient engagement tool designed to amp up patient satisfaction while slashing no-show rates. With its rule-based recall messaging, you can customize message frequency and target the right patients for maximum impact. Additionally, it offers paperless patient intake forms for a more efficient, eco-friendly process.

11. iDentalSoft


Image source: identalSoft

iDentalSoft lets you operate a fully paperless practice with its cloud-based software, bidding farewell to costly servers. Embrace seamless intra-office and patient communication across any platform or device, and enjoy the added perk of WhatsApp integration for that extra touch of convenience.

12. Adit


Image source: Adit

Adit is a comprehensive software tailored for dental practices. It simplifies operations and streamlines communication to create an efficient and seamless patient experience. It provides robust features that enable patients to schedule appointments, complete forms, message, and make payments online. Plus, practices can also easily access analytics and manage their online reputation.

13. Marketing360


Image source: Marketing 360

Marketing360 is a comprehensive dental platform with essential tools to streamline marketing operations and manage your online reputation. It helps you create modern dental websites that enable patients to schedule appointments.

Moreover, Marketing360 offers a dedicated support team, including a designer, ad specialist, video professional, content writer, and social media marketer, to handle all your marketing needs.

14. Luma Health

Luma Health

Image source: Luma Health

Modernize the way patients engage with your practice for great biz outcomes. This dental recall software focuses on enhancing patient communication, making it effortless and convenient for them to get in touch with you, ultimately delivering a fantastic patient experience.

15. OperaDDS


Image source: OperaDDS

Crafted by dentists for dentists, OperaDDS streamlines your daily tasks and consolidates everything in one location, accessible from any device. With OperaDDS patient reminders, you can promptly offer alternative scheduling options for patients unable to attend their appointments, simplifying the rescheduling process.

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