Brush Dentists Lowers Patient Acquisition Costs By Increasing Online Reviews

With DemandHub Reviews, Web Chat and Messenger, this dental organization builds trust and increases online traffic through the power of social proof.
Brush Dentists Lowers Patient Acquisition Costs By Increasing Online Reviews

new patients a month
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5-star reviews over
12 months


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About Brush Dentists

With 12 locations and growing, Brush Dentists is a premier dental care and cosmetic dentistry organization serving the Greater Toronto Area. A leader in dental care, the clinics also provide continuing education for dental professionals.

The Challenge

Brush Dentists operates in a competitive market that crosses both suburban and city locations. With a varied patient demographic across their 13 locations, they carefully market to their audience using a variety of online media — consistently tracking their progress and successes.

The brand is presently acquiring existing practices in the Greater Toronto Area and adding them to the organization, providing smoother operations for each clinic. With a goal of increasing traffic to all of their locations, they are actively looking for ways to capture the attention of new patients.

“We had been very carefully tracking our marketing campaigns, and noticed that no matter where we advertised, it just wasn’t enough.” Dr. Chandan Advani, owner of Brush Dentists, notes. “People were looking at reviews more and more. It was clear that was more important to them.”

When adding existing practices to the Brush Dentists brand, the company was also dealing with the inconsistent and infrequent reviews that came along with them. “We needed to respond to the review issue in the new clinics we were acquiring and increase the number of overall reviews because we had seen how valuable it was to our patients,” Advani says.

Brush Dentists required an automated and streamlined solution that could be easily implemented throughout their many locations, providing them with a consistent and simple way to garner additional reviews.

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“We are spending less marketing dollars to acquire new patients because we are now getting more organic searches than paid. That’s because of all our new reviews.”

Dr. Chandan Advani - Owner, Brush Dentists

The Solution

Brush Dentists began using DemandHub reviews in 1 of their locations to start, and quickly expanded to 13 other locations after seeing how effective it was.

“DemandHub is part of our daily operations for all of our admin staff,” Advani notes. Immediately after their patients receive care, they are sent a text with a link to post an online review. It takes the patients less than 30 seconds because of the intuitive user experience. According to BrightLocal, customers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business. According to BrightLocal, 86% of people read reviews for local businesses.

In order to manage the increase in organic Google traffic as a result of the new reviews, Brush Dentists uses DemandHub Web Chat to communicate with incoming leads.

“When patients arrive on the landing pages for each of our locations, we can reach out to them with Web Chat and talk to them over text,” says Advani.

“Our patients absolutely love to text,” states Advani.

“We have a little bit of everything in terms of demographics, but most people are comfortable with texting and they appreciate that option.”

In addition to DemandHub Reviews and Web Chat, Brush Dentists uses DemandHub Messenger to confirm patient appointments. “We know those texts are going to be seen,” says Advani. According to a Dynamark report, 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes.

The Results

Over the course of a year of using DemandHub across 9 of their locations, Brush Dentists has considerably lowered their acquisition costs per patient.

“We are spending less marketing dollars to acquire new patients because we are now getting more organic searches than paid,” says Advani. “That’s because of all our reviews.”

The organization uses their leftover marketing budget to give more back to their staff. “Staff appreciation is critical to our success,” Advani states.

“When we keep our staff happy, we see more organic referrals as well, which also helps to lower our acquisition costs.”

Take a look at the numbers:

  • Across 9 locations, Brush Dentists
  • sees 170 new patients from Google each month — which is around 19 patients per location. The average dental office only sees 5-10.
  • Over 12 months, Brush Dentists gained 896 5-star reviews on Google over 13 locations, increasing online visibility and social proof.
  • Since joining DemandHub, Brush Dentists gained 6,888 5-star reviews total over 13 locations, showing why they are the best dentists in the area.
  • Brush Dentists has seen a 1,117% increase in overall reviews since implementing DemandHub, building trust online for all their locations.

“We are absolutely committed to rolling out DemandHub in our new locations as we acquire them,” Advani confirms. “The reviews help us to lower our marketing costs. We’re an expanding organization, so online consistency and visibility is key. We get that with reviews.”

Reviews have been critical in helping Brush Dentists grow their operation. “Now, our patients can more easily find us online, and it’s largely through organic search because of our new reviews,” Advani says. “DemandHub has had a great impact on each of our locations.” “It makes my customers feel more respected when they have an appointment.”

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