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Use customer feedback to leave your competitors in the dust

With detailed competitor analysis and customer feedback, your business can move on up by improving the areas that matter to your audience.

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Make your business better by learning what customers have to say about you — and your competitors

Get an internal look at your business with detailed customer feedback so you can improve the areas that matter to them. We also give you access to your local competitors’ customer reviews so you can find out what they think of your industry.

See Where You Stand

Know your rank compared to local competitors and industry leaders for aspects such as products, service, and price.

Incorporate Feedback

Improve your business in the areas your customers care about by checking out what they say about the other guys.

Know How Customers Feel

Understand your target market’s sentiments about things that matter to them, like value, response time, and more.

Track Trending Topics

Find out what customers are saying about your business so you can join the conversation to show them their opinion matters.

Compare any Aspect

Evaluate your business in the key categories your customers care about, and drill down to see the details.

Get NPS Insights
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Get to know what customers love about your business so you can implement ways to improve your services in those areas.

Knowledge is power, as they say. How powerful are you?

As the saying goes: the more you know, the more you grow. By better understanding how customers feel about key areas of your industry, you can reach new heights by improving the things that matter to them.

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Get ahead of the other guys with competitor analysis and customer insights

Want to know what customers think about you and your competitors? You can with DemandHub. We’ll show you the areas that matter to your clients so you can make improvements to win their hearts — and their business.

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