How to Get More Google Reviews for your Dental Office?

Mia Jensen | January 7, 2024 | 16 min read
How to Get More Google Reviews for your Dental Office?

In the past, dentists built their reputation through word of mouth. But with the rise of digital platforms, online reviews have become essential for dentists to build trust and credibility with potential patients.

The best among these are Google reviews, which are visible on Google search pages and maps. Over 98% of people read online reviews before visiting a business, according to BrightLocal.

So, dental practices must have a strong presence and a good online reputation.

Google reviews help dentists to become more visible online to potential patients. Whether you’re a dentist or any other medical professional, knowing how to get more Google patient reviews is now crucial for your practice.

But how do you get more Google reviews for your dental practice?

It can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

This article will provide 10 effective ways to get more patient Google reviews for your dental clinic. Keep reading to learn more!

What are Google Reviews?

Google reviews are public comments a customer leaves on a business profile on Google. These reviews describe a patient’s experience at the dental practice, with ratings going from 1 star to 5 stars.

How Do Google Reviews Impact a Dental Practice?

Google reviews are one of the most powerful and effective ways for dentists to connect with potential patients.

88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That is why dental practices need to have authentic reviews highlighting the quality of their services.

Google reviews provide potential patients insight into the quality of care you offer and whether they should book an appointment at your practice.

Most importantly, positive patient reviews on google help to boost the visibility and SEO ranking of your dental website on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The more positive Google reviews you have, the higher your practice will rank.

Why Do Dentists Need More Google Reviews?

Patient reviews serve as social proof. It is one of the most powerful psychological factors when it comes to influencing people’s purchasing decisions.

A positive online image is an asset for your dental practice.

In the past, patients relied only on word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends when choosing a healthcare provider.

But now, people look to the internet as a primary source for medical referrals. They read online reviews and learn about other patients’ experiences with your practice before they even step foot in your clinic.

The following statistics will show you the importance of having a good digital reputation:

  • 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations when choosing a local practice.
  • 77% of consumers regularly read online reviews when browsing for local practitioners.
  • 72% of consumers will make decisions after reading a positive review.

So, it can be a big downfall for your dental practice if you ignore Google dental reviews.

5-star patient reviews on Google will help your dental practice become more successful by standing out against competitors and gaining and retaining patients.

Should You Buy Google Reviews For Your Dental Business?

The simple answer is NO!

Unfortunately, many websites offer to buy Google reviews for your dental business. But there are several risks you should be aware of when buying online reviews, such as:

Violation of Google’s terms and conditions: Buying fake reviews violates Google’s terms and conditions, which may permanently suspend your practice’s Google business page.

Damaging your reputation: Fake reviews can damage the authenticity and trustworthiness of your dental practice. Potential patients can easily see through fake reviews, damaging your reputation and credibility as a dentist.

While buying Google reviews may give your practice a short-term boost, it is not a sustainable way to build a successful dental business. It does not provide a long-term solution to building a positive online presence.

Instead, focus on providing quality dental care that will result in satisfied patients willing to leave honest, positive Google dental reviews.

So, you must never purchase Google reviews for your practice, as it could backfire badly in the long run.

11 Ways to Get More Dental Patient Google Reviews

1. Set up your business profile with Google

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool for local practices. It lets you collect patient reviews and control your dental office’s online rapport.

When patients search for dental practices in their area, your GMB profile will appear in the search results. That’s why ensuring that your GMB profile is complete and accurate is essential.

If you haven’t already, claim your Google My Business page. Then, set up Google reviews for your dental clinic if you want your practice to grow significantly.

Google reviews appear in both Google Maps and Google Search, making it an effective tool for increasing your visibility and attracting new patients.

google map example

Go to Google My Business and list your practice to get started. Once you’ve claimed your listing, you can start getting and responding to google reviews and encouraging patients to leave reviews there.

By using our free Google review link generator tool, you can automatically create a review link that can be shared easily with your dental patients through a single text message.

Or if you want to generate it manually, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your Business Profile.
  2. Select Customers > Reviews > Get more reviews.

Google Business Profile

  1. A shareable link will appear.
  2. Copy the link.

review link example

Then, add your Google review link to your website, or share it through SMS, email or even on your receipts.

With a customer experience platform like DemandHub, you can automatically send a text message to your patients with a Google review link. So they can post an online review right after their appointment.

Send your patients to Google Reviews by placing the link on your business card.

Every time you hand out your business card, you have an opportunity to get a new review. Ensure the link is short and easy to type so they can review you on the go.

alt text

Image: Sample Business Card Example

You can even create a QR code for the review link and place it on your business card. Patients can easily scan it with their mobile phones and leave a review.

The easier it is for them to leave a review for your dental practice, the more positive reviews you’re likely to get.

3. Identify your Happy Patients who will give 5 Star reviews

Your happy patients are your biggest brand ambassadors. Start by identifying them through surveys, customer service feedback or even by analyzing which patients never miss appointments.

These patients are likely to be your most loyal fans and will be willing to write a review with little prompting from you.

After you identify your delighted patients, asking them for dental reviews will be a breeze. You can contact them directly and inquire if they would write a review.

If they agree, make it easy for them to review your practice via text marketing, social media, or in person immediately after their visit.

Dental practices that start with this strategy have the best chance for success because they’re getting reviews from their most loyal customers.

Text marketing for a dental practice is an effective and quick way to get dental reviews.

The average open rate for SMS is 99%, and the average click-through rate for SMS is 36%. Source: G2

texting link example

4. Automate your Review Requests never to miss a patient review

Set up an automated workflow to trigger review requests after patients’ appointments. You can set up multiple touchpoints for dental reviews, such as email, surveys, and text messages.

Utilizing advanced automation tools can save you time and increase the number of reviews from patients.

Furthermore, using social media to share these reviews will help build credibility for your dental practice.

Share positive reviews on your social media accounts by tagging the patient who left the review. That is a great way to thank your patients and show others that you care about their satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction and review automation tools like DemandHub help you automate the process of requesting patient reviews.

It lets you optimize your productivity by automating review invites and using message templates.

Moreover, DemandHub’s modern messaging capabilities boost efficiency with features like multi-language support, alerts and notifications, and auto-responders.

5. Use Incentives to Encourage Your Dental Team to Get More Reviews

Your dental team is a powerful marketing tool that can help get more reviews for your dental practice.

Getting reviews doesn’t have to be a drag. Hold fun competitions monthly and offer incentives to your team members who collect the most positive reviews, such as gift cards or paid time off.

This way, you will get your whole team involved in getting more positive dental reviews and help increase your online visibility.

If you don’t know what your dental team goals should be, here are a few benchmarks:

  1. Ensure that you have a minimum of 40 reviews.
  2. Get enough 5-star reviews, so your average rating is at least 4.5 stars.
  3. Be the #1 dental practice in your area by getting more reviews than your competitors.
  4. 2X your reviews in 90 days.
  5. Make it a goal to get one review daily.

6. Respond to all dental patient reviews

Both positive and negative reviews play a key role in dental reputation management. A timely and personal response shows that you care about your patients and value their feedback.

If you see a negative review, express your regret that the patient had a negative experience. Invite them to reach out to you directly so that you can address their issues.

Responding to the customer on time is important. Try to resolve the issue. Apologize for their bad experience, address the concern, and offer a solution.

45% of consumers say they’re likelier to visit a business that responds to their negative reviews.

Even if you can’t change the situation that led to the negative review, you may be able to build a rapport and turn them into satisfied patients.

For a positive review, thank the patient for their kind words and let them know you appreciate their input.

7 out of 10 customers changed their opinion about a business after they responded to the review.

While crafting a response, it is always important to be professional, courteous and respectful. These qualities will go a long way in maintaining a positive reputation for your dental practice.

Here are some examples of review response templates:

Negative Review Response Template

“Hi [First Name], I’m sorry that you had a negative experience at our office. We would love the opportunity to make it right. Please contact me directly so we can resolve the issues you experienced.”

Positive Review Response Template

“Hi [First Name], Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re happy that you had a great experience at our clinic. Looking forward to serving you again.”

7. Monitor your dental practice’s online reviews

Responding to every review for your dental practice is necessary. It’s essential to monitor reviews regularly and respond as quickly as possible.

This shows that you genuinely care about customer satisfaction, which will lead to more positive reviews in the future.

Set up Google Alerts for your practice name and for the names of any dentists who work at your practice.

Doing so will notify you whenever your practice or one of your dentists is mentioned online. It will allow you to quickly address any negative mentions and take advantage of any positive ones.

8. Use Email as an alternative patient reviews

Emailing is another effective way to reach your entire patient base in one fell swoop.

An email has the features and flexibility to personalize your messages. You can even include images, PDFs, and instructions on leaving a review.

Plus, you’re not limited by character count like text marketing.

email template

When creating a dental office review template for emails to request dental reviews, make sure to:

  • Include a Google review link to your business page.
  • Say thank you for their visit and trust.
  • Make it personal.
  • Keep it short and sweet.

9. Provide the best patient care possible

Many patients post online reviews without dental practices even asking for them. That’s because of the quality of care they get.

Your goal should be to make the patient journey as comfortable and satisfying as possible so that you receive positive online reviews.

Ensure that you provide excellent patient care and service. That is the key to getting a steady stream of positive reviews. Consistent, high-quality dental care makes patients more likely to leave positive ratings.

10. Use a Dental Reviews Software

If you’re looking for a stress-free and easy way to get Google dental reviews, consider using a dental review software like DemandHub.

They can help you get more reviews from your patients without asking them directly and keep track of your online reputation.

With DemandHub, you can also get alerts when someone leaves a review about your practice. That makes it easy to respond to any feedback quickly and effectively.

DemandHub’s complete business toolbox is designed with dental practices in mind. Our Webchat feature turns each incoming web conversation into a text message, so you never miss a lead.

Give your patients the flexibility they crave so you can cater to them while they’re on the go.

By using DemandHub’s Reviews and Messenger features in an all-in-one unified inbox, Brush dentist increased their online reviews by 618%. Consequently, it builds trust and increases organic traffic to their website.

Book your free demo to discover how DemandHub can help your dental practice gain more Google reviews from your patients.

12 Best tips to Get More Google Reviews For Your Dental Clinic

  1. Request your happy patients for reviews.
  2. Use an automated review system.
  3. Give incentives and encourage your dental team to get more reviews.
  4. Deliver an exceptional patient experience.
  5. Send a text review link to your review profile to the patients you want a review from.
  6. Ask for a review from patients immediately after the appointment.
  7. Keep the patient from sending the review while on your WIFI network.
  8. Respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative.
  9. Optimize your Google Business Profile.
  10. Use social media to share your reviews.
  11. Create a referral program for the patients who leave you positive reviews.
  12. Make sure your website is optimized with active links to your Google reviews page and other review sites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Google Reviews for Dental Practices

Why are Google reviews important for dentists?

Google reviews are essential for dentists. They improve online visibility, credibility, and patient trust. Good reviews can influence potential patients’ decisions and help a dental practice stand out.

What is a dental review?

A dental review is a patient’s feedback or evaluation of their experience with a dentist or dental clinic. It often focuses on aspects like quality of care, professionalism, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction.

What are common mistakes by dentists?

Common mistakes by dentists can include the following:

  • poor communication with patients,
  • not staying updated with the latest dental technologies and treatments,
  • inadequate record keeping,
  • not managing appointment times effectively, leading to long wait times,
  • not addressing patient anxiety or fears adequately.

How can a dental practice respond to Google reviews?

Dental practices should respond to Google reviews professionally and respectfully, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative. For positive reviews, thanking the patient and expressing appreciation can strengthen the relationship.

For negative reviews, acknowledging the issue, apologizing if necessary, and proposing a solution can demonstrate commitment to patient satisfaction.

How can dentists improve their Google review rating?

Dentists can improve their Google review rating by providing high-quality care, excellent customer service, and asking satisfied patients to leave a review. Responding to all reviews and making necessary improvements based on feedback can also help.

How do I get Google reviews for dentists?

You should first ensure your dental practice is listed on Google Business to get Google reviews. After that, you can request reviews from your patients after their appointment, either in person, through email, or via text. Make the process easy for them by providing a direct link to your Google reviews page.

How do I know if my dentist is trustworthy?

You can assess the trustworthiness of a dentist by checking their credentials, experience, and reputation. Reading patient reviews, particularly Google reviews, can also give you insights into their professionalism, quality of care, and patient satisfaction levels.

What makes a good dentist?

A good dentist is highly skilled and experienced. They communicate effectively, show empathy, and prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction. They stay updated with the latest developments in dental care and adhere to strict hygiene standards. Positive reviews and ratings from patients also indicate a good dentist.

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