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Business Text Messaging

Do you want to attract, engage, and retain more customers?
Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Your customer’s journey with DemandHub in 5 easy steps!

Customers Research Online

1. Your potential customers
research you online

We make sure there are positive reviews available for them to browse.

customers say you’re awesome

2. They decide to come to you because lots of other customers say you’re awesome

You provide them with what you do best.

cliets satisfied

3. Your clients leave feeling satisfied
in their decision

You text them with a simple ask: to leave an online review, which only takes 30 seconds.

customers leave positive reviews

4. They leave a positive review

This helps those who are still researching your business make a decision.

customer experience through personalized conversations

5. You enhance the customer experience through personalized conversations over text

Customers come back to you because they trust you over the other guys.

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Get more business by talking to customers the way they love most: messaging.

Carry on conversations over text, Web Chat, Facebook, or SMS Messaging all from the same easy-to-use unified inbox.

Request reviews, schedule appointments, and answer questions by simply texting your customers.

Keep on top of everything by assigning messages to employees and tracking sent and open messages.

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Reviews Graphic


Attract new customers and build trust with the power of word of mouth.

  Use text messaging to request reviews and enable customers to post their feedback in 30 seconds.

  Improve your Google ranking so your business is easier to find through search — making you their first choice.

  Boost your productivity by automating review invites and using message templates.

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Web Chat

Convert web visitors into happy customers by taking the conversation to their phones.

  Chat with your website visitors over text, so your customers can talk to you while on the go.

  Capture your prospects’ contact info right away so you always have a way to reach them.

  Handle multiple conversations at once and follow up with your customers all from the same inbox.

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Benchmarking Graphic


Get ahead of the competition by using customer feedback insights.

  Improve your business in the areas that matter to your customers by paying attention to competitor reviews.

  Learn customer sentiments about areas such as offerings, customer service, value, response time, and more.

  Use your Net Promoter Score to measure your customers’ experience and predict business growth.

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Team Chat

No need to jump back and forth from emails, call notes, and messaging apps. All communication history between the team and customers in one easy to use inbox.

  Create dedicated channels to organize your team into unique groups and stay on track to focus on what really matters.

  Connect team members and stay with mobile and desktop apps no matter where you are.

  Send documents and files with just a few clicks, and make sure you can always find them again in the future.

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Contactless Payments Graphic

Contactless Payments

Provide your patients with secure and contactless checkouts via text messaging.

  Request payments efficiently without wasting your team’s efforts on lengthy emails, tedious phone calls, and expensive postage fees.

  Save time by auto-generating a link to your patient’s invoice and follow up with outstanding payments with one text.

  Get faster response rates by continuing your on-going conversation via text messaging.

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