7 Benefits of Google Reviews

Mia Jensen | July 18, 2023 | 13 min read
7 Benefits of Google Reviews

When searching for a new restaurant or a service provider, what’s one of the first things you look for? Reviews.

While there are many review sites, some more credible than others, Google is still the #1 search engine where customers are looking to read customer experiences.

Google reviews can make or break your business’s online reputation. With a few clicks, potential customers can access great information about your business, including ratings, reviews, and even photos.

Customers can share their experiences - good or bad - with the world, providing an unfiltered look into what it’s like to do business with you.

Google Reviews have become essential to the modern consumer’s decision-making process. 95% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses before purchasing. And 93% say that online reviews influence their buying decisions.

With numbers like that, it’s no wonder Google reviews have become necessary to any business’s sucess. But it’s not just about the stars and the ratings. Google Reviews offer an abundance of savvy that can help businesses improve and grow.

In this blog, we’ll explore the 7 benefits of Google reviews and how they can help your business thrive. From increasing your online visibility to improving customer engagement, we’ll show you why Google reviews should be a top priority for any business owner.

So, let’s dive in!

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Why are Google reviews important for your business?

Picture this: you’re a small business owner, just starting out in your community. You’re passionate about what you do and dedicated to providing top-notch service to your customers.

But how do you get the word out and attract new customers?

The answer is always Google. Getting reviews on there will give you access to thousands of “XYZ business near me” every day. And those little yellow stars may seem small, but they can greatly impact your business’s success. They provide a way for customers to share their experiences with others and for potential customers to get a sense of your business.

I recently moved to a new city and required a dentist. Like most of us, I turned to Google to search for options. While I found several dentists in her area, but one stood out!

They had a 4.5-star rating with over 200 reviews. I read through some feedback and saw that people were raving about their friendly staff and pain-free procedures. Based on that information alone, I felt comfortable enough to book an appointment with that dentist.

Now imagine if that dentist had no reviews or mostly negative ones. I might not have given them a second glance. That’s the case with most customers today. That’s the power of Google reviews/

But it’s not just about attracting new customers. Google reviews can also help you improve your business. By reading through the comments and feedback, you can understand what your customers love about your business and where there’s room for improvement.

Plus, by responding to reviews (both positive and negative), you can show your customers that you care about their experiences and are committed to providing excellent service.

So the next time you see those little yellow stars, remember they represent more than just a rating. They represent the voice of your customers and the potential for growth and success for your business. Embrace them, respond to them, and use them to your advantage.

Top 7 benefits of Google reviews

Having a strong presence on Google reviews offers many benefits to your business, such as:

1. Google reviews increase online visibility and exposure

First, it’s important to understand how Google’s search algorithm works. Google uses a complex algorithm to determine the order in which search results are displayed. This algorithm considers many factors, including the content’s relevance, the website’s authority, and the user’s location.

But one of the most important factors is the number and quality of a business’s reviews on Google.

A study by Moz found that review signals, including the quantity and diversity of reviews, impact local search rankings. This means that having a lot of positive Google reviews can help your business appear at the top of local search results, which can be a game-changer for your business.

But how exactly does having reviews on Google increase your online exposure?

When someone searches for a business on Google, the search results page displays a map listing local businesses. This list is based on the user’s location and the relevance of the search query.

The businesses at the top of the list have the most relevant and highest authority content. But as we mentioned earlier, review signals are also important in determining local search rankings.

So, if your business has a lot of positive reviews on Google, it’s more likely to appear at the top of the local search results. This means potential customers are likely to see your business, visit your website, and ultimately become customers.

In fact, a study by BrightLocal found that businesses with a 5-star rating on Google get 25% more clicks from the search results page than businesses with a 3-star rating.

Having reviews on Google can be a powerful tool for increasing your online exposure and attracting more customers to your business. So, if you want to improve your visibility and grow your business, encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google!

2. Google reviews increase brand trust!

People trust reviews from other customers more than marketing messages from businesses. This is because reviews serve as social proof. They provide a tangible verification of your business’s trustworthiness and reliability.

Let’s look at some interesting facts that show the power of reviews in building brand trust:

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. This means that most people use online reviews to determine whether or not they should do business with you.
  • 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This shows that reviews are just as powerful as word-of-mouth recommendations when it comes to building trust.
  • 72% say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. This means that having positive reviews on Google can significantly increase your brand trust among potential customers.
  • A study by Harvard Business School found that a one-star increase in a business’s Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue. This shows that even a small improvement in your reviews can greatly impact your bottom line.

So, how exactly do Google reviews increase brand trust?

When someone is considering doing business with you, they will likely do some research online. When your business has many positive Google reviews, it tells potential customers that others have had a great experience with your business. This builds trust and shows that you can deliver on your promises.

57% of consumers will only choose your business if it has 4 or more stars on Google reviews.

Having a lot of reviews on Google will also make your business seem more legit and established. When someone sees that your business has hundreds of reviews, it gives them the impression that you’re a well-established business with a loyal customer base.

3. Google reviews improve customer experience!

Reviews on Google can provide valuable feedback on what your customers like and don’t like about your business. Paying attention to this feedback can improve your services and create a better customer experience.

Moreover, responding promptly and empathetically to customer concerns can improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. It shows that you value their feedback and are committed to delivering a positive customer experience.

Businesses that respond to reviews are 1.7X more likely to be perceived as trustworthy and customer-focused. You can establish strong and lasting customer relationships by prioritizing customer concerns.

By proactively acknowledging and addressing them, you gain valuable insights into areas for improvement in your products, services, and customer support processes.

You can then make more informed decisions and continuously enhance your offerings to better meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

4. Google reviews help you gain a competitive advantage!

Not only do reviews help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, but they also give you a competitive edge.

Imagine you and your biggest competitor are vying for the same customer’s business. They’re checking out your respective Google listings and notice that you have 50 five-star reviews while your competitor only has 20.

Who do you think they’re going to choose? You, of course!

Plus, having a ton of positive reviews can boost your search engine rankings. Google’s algorithm loves to see businesses with a lot of positive customer feedback.

So the more reviews you have, the higher you’re likely to appear in search results. And who doesn’t want to be at the top of the search results page? It’s like being the star of the show!

So, to gain a competitive advantage in today’s online marketplace, pay attention to your Google reviews. Ask your customers to leave reviews, respond to negative feedback gracefully and professionally, and watch as your business climbs to the top of the heap.

5. Google reviews increase click-through rates (CTR)

Google reviews can have a significant impact on your online visibility and traffic. Going from a 3-star rating to a 5-star rating gets a business 25% more clicks from Google Local Pack. That’s a massive jump in traffic that can translate into more leads, conversions, and revenue.

Google reviews are one of the first things prospects see when searching for your business online. If you have good reviews, customers will likely click through to your website to learn more about your products or services.

Businesses with a 5-star rating on Google get 39% more clicks than businesses with a 1-star rating.

Listings with star ratings and review snippets are more likely to catch the eye of searchers and stand out from the competition. This can be particularly valuable for businesses in crowded industries, such as healthcare, where standing out in search results can be challenging.

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start paying attention to your Google reviews. With a little effort and attention, you can boost your click-through rates and attract more customers to your website.

6. Google reviews boost your ROI

Good reviews can help attract more customers to your business, increasing sales and revenue. When potential customers see positive customer reviews, they will trust your business and make a purchase.

Recent studies show that businesses with positive reviews on Google can see an average of 18% increase in revenue. Alternatively, a negative review can cost you about 30 customers.

Moreover, businesses that show reviews expect an increase of up to 270% in conversion rates. That means a business with at least five reviews has a 270% higher chance of being visited than those without feedback.

7. Google reviews foster Customer interactions!

Google reviews are a powerful tool for facilitating customer interactions and engagement. Here are some ways to boost customer interactions:

Encouraging feedback

Businesses can open a communication channel with their customers by actively seeking out customer feedback through Google reviews. This can foster a sense of community and encourage customers to share their opinions on your products or services.

Responding to reviews

When a customer leaves a review on Google, it provides an opportunity for businesses to respond and engage with that customer. By responding promptly and professionally to reviews, companies can show their commitment to customer satisfaction and gain customer trust.

Building relationships

Businesses can build stronger relationships with their audience by responding to reviews and engaging with customers. In turn, this can increase loyalty and repeat business, as customers feel valued and appreciated by the business.

How do actual businesses benefit from Google reviews?

Excited to see the benefits of Google reviews in action? You might wonder if real businesses are seeing results from this powerful tool. The answer is a resounding YES!

Real businesses are experiencing significant benefits from incorporating online reviews into their marketing strategies. Don’t just take our word for it.

Check out these examples of businesses that are reaping the rewards of positive reviews:

  • Blue Mountain Chrysler gained a 4.3-star rating on Google and 200+ Google reviews within 5 months, which has led to 28% increased traffic to their website. Customers reported this is because they have read their reviews online.

  • Tamiami Auto Group has gained 2200+ new reviews online, resulting in a huge increase in web traffic and making headway against the competition.

  • Brush Dentists lowers patient acquisition costs by increasing online reviews by 618%. They are spending less marketing dollars to acquire new patients because they are now getting more organic searches than paid ones, all because of their reviews.

  • Kawartha Care has increased its reviews by 139%, increasing its search ranking on Google and revenue by 33%. Patients find them primarily through Google. This has decreased their patient acquisition costs and increased organic search — all due to reviews.

Google Reviews Matter

Google reviews can be a game-changer for businesses. By prioritizing your online reputation and actively seeking customer feedback, you can build trust with your audience, improve your search engine rankings, and boost your conversion rates. It will, ultimately, increase your revenue and profitability.

From providing social proof to fostering customer interactions, the benefits of Google reviews are clear. So, are you ready to leverage the power of online reviews and watch your business grow?

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