By Being More Accessible to Patients, Kawartha Care Increases Revenue by 33%

This wellness clinic texts their patients and makes communication simple with DemandHub Reviews, Web Chat and Messenger
By Being More Accessible to Patients, Kawartha Care Increases Revenue by 33%

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About Kawartha Care

Kawartha Care is a wellness center in Ontario, Canada, that provides chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy, in addition to holistic nutrition and reflexology. Their mission is to provide patients with the most effective treatments and care.

The Challenge

Dr. Manju Asdhir, owner of Kawartha Care, takes great pride in providing her patients with the best customer service.

“In health care, you have to be accessible when your patients need you,” she says. “When they are able to get a hold of you right away, it gives you a competitive advantage.”

Making it easier for her patients to find Kawartha Care online was one her main goals when she was considering using DemandHub. “Our patient demographic skews a bit older towards retirees, so we were doing a lot of paper-based marketing,” she notes. “However, it was very expensive and we weren’t seeing a return.”

Kawartha Care carefully tracked where their patients were finding them, and the majority of them were coming through Google — not through their paper-based marketing efforts.

“The whole world is online,” Asdhir confirms. “Everyone wants online convenience, no matter their demographic. We had to better cater to the population we serve.”

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“Customer service is not just about being friendly. It’s about speed, too. Not only do we want to make it easy for patients to find us online, we want to be able to respond to them as soon as they land on our website. With DemandHub, we can.”

Dr. Manju Asdhir - Owner, Kawartha Care

The Solution

Kawartha Care increased their Google ranking by texting review invitations to their customers with DemandHub. “This is so easy for my staff to use. They didn’t even really need any training. It’s very intuitive and it just fits in with our processes,” Asdhir says.

DemandHub enables Kawartha Care to text patients from a central dashboard and the mobile app. Whenever a treatment is finished, the staff uses a message template to request a review, which the patient can post in less than 30 seconds.

“In the first 6 months of using DemandHub, we saw our biggest increase in sales. We didn’t change anything else in our marketing strategy, so I knew it was as a result of the increase in reviews online,” Asdhir says.

According to BrightLocal, 86% of people read reviews for local businesses.

In line with their customer service policy, the staff at Kawartha Care reach out to patients that land on their website within 2 minutes using DemandHub Web Chat. “Speed is so important. The patient doesn’t want to be waiting around or they may go to another clinic’s website,” Asdhir notes.

Neither the staff nor the patients are tied to a web browser because Web Chat allows them to talk over text. “We are available to answer any questions they have right away and that makes a big difference,” she mentions.

Text messaging is the number 1 preferred channel for customer service over email and phone, according to Twilio. “We rarely use the phone anymore because most of our patients prefer to text. If we need to reach them, we text first because we know we’ll get the fastest response there,” Asdhir confirms. “Email can be time-consuming and people don’t want to use it.”

Kawartha Care uses DemandHub Messenger to text their patients to confirm appointments. They also text patients that are running late for their treatments.

“When you’re just running out the door, you don’t have time to check your email, but you can usually send off a quick text,” Asdhir says. “It’s much easier for us to get a hold of patients this way.”

The Results

Kawartha Care booked a patient using DemandHub Web Chat on their first day of using the service. “It has been a game changer for our business since the very beginning,” Asdhir notes. The clinic has far exceeded their goal of making it easier for patients to find them online.

The new reviews they have collected since using DemandHub have also enabled the business to further grow their client base and increase their revenue.

The primary way patients find Kawartha Care online is through Google. This has decreased their patient acquisition costs and increased organic search — all due to reviews.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Kawartha Care has increased its revenue by 33% over one year with DemandHub Reviews, Messenger, and Web Chat.
  • The clinic has earned 520 new reviews with 5 stars on Google, building trust with their prospective patients.
  • Since using DemandHub, Kawartha Care has increased their reviews by 900%, improving their search ranking on Google.
  • The clinic sees an average of 57 unique text message conversations per month, giving their patients the opportunity to connect with them on the go.

“Customer service is not just about being friendly. It’s about speed, too,” says Asdhir. “Not only to do we want to make it easy for patients to find us online, we want to be able to respond to them as soon as they land on our website. With DemandHub, we can.”

Kawartha Care has seen the effects of what online reviews can do for a business. Not only has the increase in reviews brought more traffic to their website, they are able to react to that influx with a solution that works with their day-to-day processes.

“It makes my customers feel more respected when they have an appointment.”

“It’s a phenomenal tool,” Asdhir says. Her patients and staff agree — and the proof is in their bottom line.

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