The 17 Best Zocdoc Alternatives to Get New Patients

Mia Jensen | September 19, 2023 | 19 min read
The 17 Best Zocdoc Alternatives to Get New Patients | DemandHub

Are you looking for a more reliable and efficient appointment management system? We know you work hard to provide excellent patient care, but sometimes even popular platforms like Zocdoc can fall short.

Providers have reported issues like confusing website designs leading to misbookings with zero refund policy, hefty patient referral fees, and a lack of accountability. And let’s not even get started on those copy-paste responses from customer support. Sound familiar?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we’re exploring top Zocdoc alternatives that could be the game-changing solution for your practice. Let’s dive in and discover a better way to manage appointments and connect with your patients!

But first, let’s explore what Zocdoc offers healthcare providers.

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What is Zocdoc?

Zocdoc is like a virtual spot where patients and healthcare providers can connect! With its web and app-based platform, doctors can showcase their practices and reach out to patients who need care and are ready to book appointments.

Conversely, patients can find the perfect providers to address their specific needs. It’s a patient-driven medical networking service where you can find providers based on their specialty, symptoms they treat, conditions they handle, insurance network, location, and availability.

The search results and rankings are tailored to each patient, constantly updating to show the most current information on a doctor’s availability. It’s like a personalized matchmaker for your healthcare practice!

Zocdoc alternatives for healthcare providers

If you’re still looking for solutions to grow your patient base, you must understand what each solution offers. Companies like Zocdoc are great for patients who want to discover, compare, and book doctors easily.

However, as a healthcare provider, you must also focus on delivering exceptional patient care journeys. That’s where Zocdoc alternatives like DemandHub come in!

With its comprehensive patient experience management and practice growth tools, you can streamline patient care and your practice’s growth.

With DemandHub, you can sit back, relax, and let the platform handle the nitty-gritty, while you focus on providing excellent care.

Let’s talk about this in more detail.

17 Zocdoc alternatives for healthcare providers & patients to consider in 2024

Each platform in the following list is similar to Zocdoc and offers unique features and functionalities. So, you must evaluate which aligns best with your practice’s needs and goals.

1. DemandHub: The top Zocdoc alternative

DemandHub is a practice growth platform similar to Zocdoc but leaves out those pesky, hefty referral fees. This cost-effective Zocdoc alternative helps your practice grow without breaking the bank.

DemandHub: The top Zocdoc alternative

By integrating DemandHub with your practice management system, you’re giving your patients the ultimate digital experience. They can book appointments on the fly, effortlessly chat with your staff through text messaging, and even pay online with just a few clicks.

Plus, you’ll have full control over your calendar, reducing no-shows and boosting your ROI. It’s like a win-win for both you and your patients!

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forOnline schedulingAuto reminders + Web Chat
SpotlightWith DemandHub integrated into the healthcare provider’s website, patients can conveniently book appointments and connect with staff from any location, at any time. The platform’s Web Chat feature ensures all their questions are just a chat away, making their experience even more seamless.DemandHub actively tackles no-show rates by sending text messages to patients to fill a slot when a cancellation occurs. Plus, its Web Chat feature ensures you never miss a lead, even after office hours, keeping your practice connected and growing around the clock.


Image source: is an online appointment booking system designed for businesses of all sizes across various service-providing industries. It also offers a top-class enterprise solution for corporations with multiple outlets.

You can create a custom online booking website or widget and accept bookings on your website or other global service marketplaces such as Google, Facebook, and more. You can easily tailor the platform to your business needs and manage staff access levels.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forOnline BookingOnline Payments + Promotions makes scheduling appointments a breeze for patients, offering seamless access to providers’ availability across platforms. The Admin App also allows for easy rescheduling with a branded patient enables providers to manage payments and promotions and sell products easily. Doctors can reduce no-shows using automated reminders, boost their practice through referral programs, and gather insightful client reviews.

3. Air Doctor

Air Doctor

Image source: Air Doctor

Air Doctor is a global healthcare platform that connects travelers with local, licensed, and certified medical professionals worldwide. Their mission is to ensure that people traveling abroad can access quality healthcare services in case of illness or injury.

Air Doctor’s extensive network includes doctors, clinics, and hospitals, providing travelers with medical care while away from home.

As a healthcare provider, you can expand your reach and cater to a broader, global audience. With Air Doctor, you can gain exposure to new clientele, increase your practice’s visibility, and build a reputation in the global healthcare community.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forTelemedicine for TravelersGlobal Reach
SpotlightAir Doctor offers telemedicine consultations, allowing patients to receive medical advice remotely. With Air Doctor, travelers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they can access reliable healthcare services, no matter where their journey takes them.Air Doctor enables healthcare providers to tap into a market of international travelers, expanding their practice and helping them grow their client base.

4. Sesame


Image credits: Sesame Care

Sesame is a top-notch direct-to-patient care marketplace. It connects patients directly with stellar doctors. As a healthcare provider, you can set your own rates and offer various services, from telehealth and virtual appointments to good old-fashioned in-person visits.

Dive into Sesame’s vast pool of patients and grow your practice by offering exceptional care that keeps them returning for more. It’s a win-win for both you and your patients!

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forNo insurance? No problem! Patients can consult with doctors without needing insurance coverage.Using Sesame’s e-prescribing feature, doctors can effortlessly prescribe medications and jot down notes for each visit.
SpotlightWith Sesame, patients can score some sweet savings, pocketing up to 60% off on prescription refills, skin consultations, imaging, and other services. Now that’s a deal worth smiling about!Healthcare providers can offer various options to meet patients’ needs, from telehealth and virtual visits to in-person consultations. Whatever works best for the patient, Sesame’s got it covered!

5. Healthgrade


Image credits: Healthgrades

With more than 10 million patient ratings, Healthgrades boasts the largest selection of healthcare professional profiles in the USA.

Healthgrades is a healthcare ratings and review platform. It allows patients to search and compare healthcare providers based on various factors such as experience, patient reviews, and insurance acceptance.

Unlike ZocDoc, Healthgrades does not charge providers for listing their practice or for each booking made through their platform.

Doctors can list their practices on Healthgrades to increase their online visibility, engage with patients, gain a competitive edge, and target their marketing efforts.

It does not have a built-in scheduling feature. However, it may provide links or contact information for patients to schedule appointments directly with healthcare providers.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forPatients can either book their visit online or call to make an appointment.Healthcare professionals can use the Healthgrades call center to ensure they never miss a patient call.
SpotlightPatients can search for doctors based on different factors, such as their specialty, the health conditions they treat, or the procedures they offer.As a healthcare provider, you can add an appointment scheduling button to your user profile to attract potential leads.

6. HealthTech Trilogy

HealthTech Trilogy

Image credits: HealthTech trilogy

HealthTec Trilogy is an all-in-one electronic health record solution for your hospital. With ONC-ATCB certification, this on-premise suite combines electronic health records, practice management, and patient scheduling for a streamlined healthcare management system.

HealthTec Trilogy’s comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system allows providers to easily access and update patient information, including medical history, medications, and test results. It leads to more accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatments, leading to better health outcomes.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forOnline scheduling makes booking appointments a breeze for patients.HealthTec Trilogy’s QuickPost feature uses automated statement generation, adjustments, and secondary billing to streamline claims processing, saving healthcare providers valuable time and resources.
SpotlightHealthTec Trilogy’s patient scheduling and practice management features allow for more streamlined and efficient operations, resulting in shorter wait times and more convenient patient appointment scheduling.Whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or Linux, HealthTec Trilogy is compatible with your operating system. And with mobile compatibility for Android and iOS, you can manage your hospital from anywhere.

7. Opencare


Image Credit: Opencare

Opencare connects patients with dental professionals who can provide top-quality care. Patients can easily browse all available dental health professionals before booking an appointment. It ensures that they find the right provider for their needs.

One of the standout features of Opencare is its payment model. Unlike other platforms, dentists only have to pay after the patient shows up for their appointment.

This means that dental professionals don’t have to worry about upfront costs or wasted time and can focus on providing the best care possible to their patients.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forSeamless communication with staff at a dental officeOpencare’s automatic review collection system allows patients to easily share their experiences with dental professionals, providing valuable feedback for providers and future patients.
SpotlightOpencare’s advanced matching system connects patients with dental practices based on their specific needs, ensuring they receive the best possible care.It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of practice management software, streamlining the appointment booking process for dental professionals.

8. MDSave


Image Credit: MDsave

MDsave is a healthcare provider network that connects patients who pay upfront with medical professionals. With MDsave, you have the freedom to set your own prices and create bundles that include all providers associated with a specific procedure.

MDsave manages and builds these bundles, so you can focus on providing quality care to your patients without worrying about the administrative details.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forPatients can purchase a medical procedure before scheduling an appointment.Providers can receive payments within four days of rendering services.
SpotlightWith MDsave, patients can enjoy savings on prescription medication from 56,000 pharmacies across the United States.MDsave provides upfront payment collection for healthcare facilities, resulting in increased revenue from patients paying out of pocket.

9. Vitals


Image Credit: Vitals

Vitals is an online database of patient reviews for healthcare professionals and facilities. It is an online platform where patients can search for and find information about healthcare providers and facilities, including reviews, ratings, and other important information.

All healthcare professionals listed on can easily find their listings on Vitals, providing them with another opportunity to be discovered by potential patients.

Listing on Vitals boosts healthcare providers’ online visibility and reputation, attracting more patients and building trust with prospective patients.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forEducational guides for patients that provide detailed information about diseases.Healthcare providers can showcase their accolades and ratings to demonstrate their credibility.
SpotlightPatients can search for doctors by location, name, specialty, or insurance plan.Healthcare providers can increase their discoverability by listing all the specialties they treat on

10. Theranest


Image Credit: Theranest

TheraNest is a cloud-based practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution for behavioral health professionals. With TheraNest, healthcare providers can streamline their practice management processes, automate administrative tasks, and securely store client information.

Its online scheduling tool allows providers to easily manage their appointments and calendar easily, reducing the risk of double bookings and missed appointments.

Additionally, TheraNest offers a client portal where patients can access their appointment history, securely communicate with their providers, and complete intake forms online, further simplifying the administrative process for healthcare providers.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forWith TheraNest’s Telehealth feature, patients can easily access online therapy sessions from the comfort of their homes.With TheraNest’s user-friendly scheduling feature and organized calendar, healthcare providers can maximize their time and stay on top of their appointments.
SpotlightTheranest provides a specialized client portal that streamlines the process of new patient intake and ongoing communication during treatment.TheraNest makes it easier and faster for healthcare providers to get paid by simplifying the payment process through Insurance Billing Workflows. This includes batch payments, invoices, and statements, reducing paperwork hassles.

11. LocalMed


Image Credit: LocalMed

LocalMed is a real-time scheduling platform designed for dental professionals. It helps practices connect with patients searching for them on their website, Google, and social media.

Dental professionals can easily list their availability on the LocalMed scheduling platform. It integrates seamlessly with their calendars, syncing appointments automatically and eliminating the need for manual updates.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forPatients can schedule appointments without the hassle of phone calls or long wait times. They also get appointment reminders before a visit.LocalMed seamlessly integrates with your Practice Management System (PMS).
SpotlightPatients can view the dentist’s real-time calendar. They can schedule their visit online or call the practice to book an appointment.LocalMed True Appointment serves as an around-the-clock scheduling assistant for dental practices. It simplifies the appointment system, reducing no-shows and missed appointments.

12. DocMatch


Image Credit: DocMatch

DocMatch connects patients with compatible doctors. Patients fill out a quick 5-minute survey, which is then matched with the doctor’s qualifications by running through the algorithm. It then generates a list of potential doctors to choose from and book appointments.

This innovative, free platform provides an easy way for healthcare professionals to boost their online presence without investing in costly advertising and SEO services.

With DocMatch, healthcare providers can attract new patients who are the best match for their expertise and practice, leading to long-lasting doctor-patient relationships.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forMatch patients with compatible doctors based on their needs to reduce no-shows.There is no need for extra scheduling software.
SpotlightAfter matchmaking, patients can access additional resources such as the doctor’s credentials, website links, and other relevant information. This helps patients make informed decisions and select the most suitable healthcare provider.Doctors can create a comprehensive profile highlighting their credentials, values, practice, and services. This feature enables doctors to showcase their expertise and communicate effectively with potential patients.

13. Tripment Health

Tripment Health

Image Credit: Tripment Health{:target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow

Looking to connect with self-paying patients? Look no further than Tripment Health!

With Tripment Health, healthcare providers can create a modern and sleek profile that showcases their ratings and reviews, making it easy for patients to book appointments. Plus, healthcare providers can seamlessly manage their appointments all in one place.

Best of all? This platform is completely free for healthcare providers, so you can expand your reach and grow your practice without breaking the bank.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forPatients have the option to view the price upfront for healthcare services before booking an appointmentHealthcare providers can gain valuable insights into the industry and analyze competitors with Tripment Health.
SpotlightPatients can compare all available options online before making a decision.Tripment Health offers marketing tools for healthcare providers to help them acquire new patients and grow their practice.

14. CashMD


Image Credit: CashMD

CashMD is an online platform that empowers patients to compare providers and their fees before scheduling a visit. This eliminates the need to wait for referrals or prior authorizations.

For providers, CashMD is an opportunity to connect with patients willing to pay out of pocket for healthcare services.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forPatients can pay through cash at the facility.Healthcare professionals can save time in processing claims.
SpotlightPatients are given upfront information about the cost of their treatment, ensuring transparency and avoiding unexpected expenses.Healthcare professionals can exercise autonomy and flexibility in implementing custom treatment plans for their patients.

15. DocSpot


Image Credit: DocSpot

DocSpot gathers information from various sources to help patients find the most suitable healthcare provider.

Providers with a stronger online presence will have more information available on their DocSpot page, but their ranking on the search results won’t be influenced solely by this factor.

Instead, the search results are tailored to the patient’s preferences and priorities when selecting a medical provider.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forPatients can browse over 200 specialties available on DocSpot.A doctor with a National Provider Identifier (NPI) will automatically have a DocSpot page.
SpotlightPatients can search for healthcare providers by their name, medical condition, insurance plan, or specialty area.By claiming your profile as a healthcare provider, you can make updates to ensure that the information on your page is always up to date.

16. Nexhealth


Image Credit: NexHealth

NexHealth seamlessly integrates with your practice management system (PMS). Patients can self-schedule appointments, submit paperwork, communicate with the clinic’s staff, and pay online.

As a Zocdoc alternative, Nexhealth offers complete calendar management and valuable insights to help healthcare providers make informed decisions.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forPatients can seamlessly book appointments from your website with NexHealth’s integrated online scheduling.Doctors can send reminders to patients to reduce no-shows through its automated reminders feature.
SpotlightPatients can easily schedule appointments and engage in real-time chats with your staff to address questions.NexHealth can reduce no-show rates by automatically sending outreach messages to patients and offering to fill any open appointment slots due to cancellations.

17. HealthTap


Image Credit: HealthTap

HealthTap is a platform connecting healthcare providers and patients. Patients can choose the right type of care they need without always needing a visit.

Healthcare providers can join the HealthTap network to answer health questions related to their specialty, which can enhance their online presence and gain credibility and recognition from patients on HealthTap.

 For PatientsFor Healthcare Providers
Best forOffer patients with affordable primary healthcare.Healthcare professionals can offer Virtual visits or Telehealth services.
SpotlightHealthTap offers online answers to patients’ questions from licensed healthcare providers.Healthcare providers can join the HealthTap Medical Group and offer medical consultations to patients through real-time video, audio, or text chat. This enables them to work remotely from any location.

Grow your practice with DemandHub’s all-in-one digital platform

DemandHub is an all-in-one digital growth platform designed to help healthcare providers manage their practice and improve patient communication.

Unlike Zocdoc’s payment model, where you have to pay for every booking, DemandHub lets you retain control over your calendar while building a loyal patient base.

DemandHub offers comprehensive support to healthcare providers throughout the patient’s care journey.

From scheduling appointments and building online reputation to managing patient communication and engagement, DemandHub streamlines the entire healthcare management process. It’s like having a 24/7 virtual assistant to manage your practice.

Want to attract more patients and grow your practice? Book a demo with DemandHub today!

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