13 BirdEye Alternatives for Your Business in 2024

Mia Jensen | March 26, 2024 | 24 min read
Top 13 BirdEye Alternatives for Your Business in 2024 | DemandHub

Online reputation management and customer experience are vital for any business that wants to grow online. With the majority of consumer decisions affected by online reviews, social media engagement, and the overall digital presence of a brand, ensuring a positive online image has become paramount.

Tools like BirdEye have risen to prominence by offering comprehensive platforms for reputation management, customer feedback automation, online review management, and more.

However, as businesses vary in size, focus, and strategy, searching for BirdEye alternatives has become a common quest. Organizations are looking for tailored solutions that better fit their specific needs or offer more attractive pricing models.

This exploration reflects the growing demand for diverse options in reputation management software, review and ratings platforms, media monitoring, and SMS marketing for businesses, among other critical digital marketing tools.

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Why Look for BirdEye Alternatives?

Choosing the right tools for managing your business’s online presence is a balancing act. While BirdEye offers a comprehensive suite for reputation management, customer feedback, and more, several key factors are leading businesses to consider alternatives.

Cost Concerns

One of the more prominent issues is the cost. BirdEye is often seen as a pricier option when stacked against its competitors. It pushes budget-conscious businesses to look for more economical solutions without compromising on quality.

Customer Support Challenges

Users have voiced dissatisfaction with BirdEye’s customer support, finding it less responsive and not as helpful as expected. In the fast-paced world of online reputation management, efficient and effective support is non-negotiable for businesses.

Contractual Commitments

BirdEye requires customers to lock into a 12-month contract, a stipulation that can be restrictive. This long-term commitment is a significant deterrent for businesses seeking flexibility to adapt to changing needs and market conditions.

Feature Limitations

Beyond the broader strokes of reputation management and feedback automation, BirdEye’s specific capabilities, especially in text messaging, fall short for some users.

Essential features like group texting, converting missed calls into text messages, scheduling reminders, and setting up follow-ups are lacking. These gaps can significantly impact a business’s ability to engage effectively with its customers.

These shortcomings underscore why businesses are searching for BirdEye alternatives. Companies are searching for platforms that offer competitive pricing and responsive customer support and provide a comprehensive and flexible feature set that includes advanced text messaging and reputation management tools.

The goal is to find a solution that aligns with their specific needs and scales with their growth. It enhances customer engagement without locking them into lengthy contracts.

13 BirdEye Alternatives & Competitors for Review Management

1. DemandHub

DemandHub stands out as a comprehensive, cloud-based platform tailored for customer engagement. It extends beyond traditional review management to encompass online scheduling, patient appointment reminders, surveys, web chat, text marketing, and reputation management with multi-location support.


Its user-friendly interface and customizable options make it a preferred choice for businesses. Here are some key features of DemandHub:

HIPAA Compliance and Seamless Integration

DemandHub offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that integrates effortlessly with existing systems, facilitating efficient lead management and customer acquisition while minimizing manual tasks.

Unified Inbox for Patient Communications

This feature consolidates all patient interactions into one place, enabling practices to manage and respond to communications across various channels efficiently, ensuring no message is overlooked.

Instant Booking via Webchat

A game-changing feature that allows patients to book appointments directly within the chat interface, offering unparalleled convenience and a seamless experience.

Instant Booking via Webchat

“Tasks” for Organizational Efficiency

DemandHub’s task feature effortlessly converts your thoughts and team messages into actionable to-do items within DemandHub.11

“Tasks” is about simplifying your day, staying organized, and ensuring no important action slips through the cracks. Whether it’s a quick reminder or a follow-up task, create “post-it” notes right within DemandHub.

Need to act on something mentioned in TeamChat? Transform messages into tasks with just a click.

"Tasks" for Organizational Efficiency

This feature streamlines your workflow, eliminating the need to juggle between different apps for reminders. Everything you need for efficient task management is integrated into your familiar DemandHub environment.

Streamlined Payment Processing

The platform simplifies the billing process by enabling online and text-based payment options, reducing the resources required to manage payments.

Get more 5-Star Reviews

DemandHub helps practices and practitioners grow their online reputation by making it easy to gather genuine 5-star reviews. It automates the process of asking patients for reviews via text, assisting practices to become the first choice for new patients.

DemandHub Quicksites and SEO Packages

DemandHub can help you create and optimize your website for search engines (SEO).

DemandHub Quicksite offers you a selection of pre-designed templates from our extensive gallery. Once you’ve selected your preferred template, Demandhub will tailor it to build your website, ensuring it reflects your brand and meets your needs.

🔗 Explore our template library here.

DemandHub Quicksites and SEO Packages

We don’t stop at creating visually appealing websites. Our commitment extends to boosting your site’s visibility and driving more organic traffic with our comprehensive SEO strategies. From creating regular, high-quality articles to keep your audience engaged to optimizing your site to rank higher on search engines, we’ve got you covered.

With DemandHub handling the complexities, you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

Voicemail Management with Transcription

DemandHub offers a voicemail feature that includes audio clips and optional transcriptions within the conversation window, enhancing voicemail management efficiency.

That means when someone calls your business’s text line and leaves a voicemail, you’ll see it as an audio clip inside your DemandHub conversations. Voicemail Management with Transcription

And here’s a game-changer: if you’re not around to answer your primary voice line, just enable call forwarding, and voilà — DemandHub can now handle your voicemails. That’s right, after a certain number of rings, callers will be directed to your DemandHub voicemail service.

It’s seamless, efficient, and keeps all your communications in one place.

Credit Card Capture to Minimize No-Shows

DemandHub empowered online scheduling with the ability to capture credit card information during the booking process. This simple step could significantly reduce no-show rates, optimizing your schedule and patient care continuity.

And don’t worry; security is our top priority, so all information is encrypted. Say goodbye to empty seats and hello to reliable, committed appointments!

Credit Card Capture to Minimize No-Shows

AI-Powered Reply Suggestions for Webchat

Another great feature is AI-generated response suggestions in the web chat. This feature offers suggested responses, enabling quicker and more accurate replies to your patients.

Address queries in record time, enhance patient satisfaction, and free up more of your valuable time.

AI-Powered Reply Suggestions for Webchat

Streamline Your Quoting Process with Estimates

With DemandHub, sending a price estimate to your customers is as simple as a few clicks.

With Estimates, you can quickly compile a list of products or services and send it directly to your customers. They receive a user-friendly text link, allowing them to review and consider your price estimate at their convenience.

Streamline Your Quoting Process with Estimates

This feature transforms how you provide estimates, making the process smoother and faster for you and your customers. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and hello to streamlined communication.

Seamless Multiple Integrations

DemandHub’s HIPAA-compliant platform integrates with hundreds of existing systems to streamline processes and reduce manual work. It integrates with several other platforms, including Clinko, Jane App, PtEverywhere, Dentrix, Dr. Chrono, Juvonno, Open Dental, Live DDM, Therapy Notes, and more.

DemandHub distinguishes itself by focusing on automating and optimizing patient engagement processes, making it an attractive BirdEye alternative for businesses.

Its array of features, from efficient communication tools to payment processing and AI-driven enhancements, positions DemandHub as a versatile platform for managing online reviews and elevating customer engagement strategies.

Why DemandHub outshines BirdEye?

Ease of Use

With DemandHub’s clean, user-friendly interface, you can manage your online presence effortlessly. Even if you’re not a tech whiz, you can easily navigate the platform, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Customer Support

When you choose DemandHub, you’re never alone. Their stellar customer support team is always on hand to help you, whether you have a quick question or need assistance setting up your account.

Customization Options

With DemandHub, you can tailor your experience to your unique needs. The platform integrates seamlessly with your business tools and strategies, from custom surveys to personalized alerts.

Competitive Pricing

DemandHub provides competitive pricing tailored to fit a range of small business budgets and offers the opportunity to try their service with a free trial. This way, you can explore the platform’s capabilities and ensure it’s the right fit before committing financially.

2. SOCi

SOCi is a streamlined marketing platform for businesses managing multiple locations, such as retail chains and franchises. It automates and optimizes marketing efforts across digital channels, strongly emphasizing local engagement.


Image source: meetsoci.com

Its key features include:

  • Simplified Dashboard: Offers a quick glance at metrics and activities across all locations, making it easy to monitor performance.
  • Social and Reviews Management: Streamlines posting and engagement across social media platforms and offers tools for managing and responding to reviews.
  • Multi-Location Focus: SOCi is specifically designed for businesses with multiple locations, offering tools that help manage and automate marketing efforts at scale.
  • AI and Machine Learning: It leverages AI more extensively for insights and automation, aiming to make complex tasks more straightforward and efficient.
  • Integrated Chatbots: Offers built-in chatbot functionality for real-time customer engagement across various messaging platforms.

In contrast, BirdEye focuses more broadly on reputation management, including review management, customer feedback, and listings management.

While both platforms offer tools for engaging with customers and managing a business’s online presence, SOCi emphasizes scalable, localized marketing strategies for enterprises with multiple outlets, distinguishing itself with its multi-location marketing suite and advanced AI capabilities.

3. Reputation

Reputation is a versatile reputation management platform for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and interact more effectively with customers. It provides various tools for managing social media, analyzing customer surveys, and monitoring online reviews.


Image source: reputation.com

Reputation offers the following key features:

  • Listing Management: Keeps business information consistent across multiple online platforms to improve visibility and search rankings.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Enables businesses to stay on top of customer engagements across social networks, responding timely to comments and messages.
  • Advanced Reporting: Offers in-depth analytics and reports for informed decision-making, helping businesses understand their online performance and customer needs.
  • Review Management: Provides customizable options for responding to reviews efficiently, helping maintain a positive online reputation.

Reputation.com strongly emphasizes advanced analytics and reporting tools, providing businesses with detailed insights into their online presence and customer sentiment compared to Birdeye.

Moreover, this platform goes deeper into sentiment analysis, offering nuanced insights into customer emotions and opinions, which can be pivotal for tailoring marketing and customer service strategies.

While BirdEye provides a broad suite of tools for managing online reputation and customer feedback, Reputation.com differentiates itself with its strong focus on analytics, sentiment analysis, and customizable survey and response tools, making it suitable for businesses prioritizing data-driven insights and in-depth customer engagement strategies.

4. Yext

Yext is an API-first, composable software platform that is transforming how businesses manage and share information online. It effectively collects and organizes enterprise content into a Knowledge Graph, which underpins a suite of tools to ensure information is accessible and accurate across all digital touchpoints.


Image source: yext.com

Its key features include:

  • API-First Approach: Facilitates seamless integration and customization, enabling businesses to tailor how their information is managed and presented.
  • Knowledge Graph: Acts as a central repository, organizing business information to support functionalities like Listings, Pages, Reviews, and Search.
  • Accurate Listings & Optimized Pages: Ensures business details are consistent across platforms and enhances online visibility with SEO-friendly landing pages.
  • Reviews & Search: Offers comprehensive tools for review management and a sophisticated search function on digital platforms, improving the user experience and business reputation.

5. Feefo

Feefo stands out as a Birdeye alternative focused on enhancing trust, supporting sales, and encouraging deeper customer engagement through genuine feedback. This platform is an independent hub for reviews and insights, aiming to help businesses develop stronger relationships with their customers and improve customer experiences and brand reputation.


Image source: feefo.com

Key features include:

  • Verified Customer Reviews: Feefo maintains credibility by ensuring that all reviews come from verified customers, adding an extra layer of trust and authenticity.
  • Instant Alerts for Negative Reviews: Businesses receive immediate notifications for negative feedback, enabling swift action and issue resolution to maintain high customer satisfaction levels.
  • Centralized Review Management: Feefo offers a unified dashboard for managing and responding to reviews efficiently, streamlining the customer feedback process.
  • Insightful Reporting Tools: With its advanced reporting capabilities, businesses can quickly identify improvement opportunities and areas for growth based on customer feedback.

Feefo differentiates itself by prioritizing genuine customer experiences, offering tools that help manage reviews and leverage them to develop better customer relationships and drive business growth.

Through its emphasis on verified feedback and the incorporation of rich media in reviews, Feefo provides a platform that supports transparency and engagement, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their reputation and customer trust.

6. Vendasta

Vendasta’s white-label platform offers marketing solutions to local businesses under their own branding. This empowers SMBs with the tools to grow online and enables partners to effectively grow their offerings and client base.


Image source: vendasta.com

With Vendasta, businesses can seamlessly adopt new digital solutions, engage their SMB customers with sophisticated marketing automation, and manage the entirety of their sales process and customer relations under one roof.

It has the following key features:

  • Extensive Marketplace: A wide range of cloud-based digital solutions available for partners to offer under their own brand, catering to the varied needs of SMBs.
  • AI-Driven Marketing Automation: Automates marketing efforts, making it easier for partners to engage customers and personalize their outreach.
  • Sales Tools and Integrated CRM: Streamlines the sales process with tools designed to enhance efficiency and customer relationship management.
  • Project, Orders, and Billing Management: Facilitates scalability for partners through robotic process automation, simplifying project management, order processing, and billing.
  • Single Login for SMBs: Provides SMB customers with one login to access all solutions purchased, ensuring a unified and integrated user experience.
  • Integrated Dashboard: The Business App dashboard offers SMBs a centralized platform to manage their online presence and access solutions, enhancing their success in the digital space.

7. Review Tool

Review Tool positions itself as a practical and accessible solution for businesses aiming to simplify their review collection process. It stands out for its ability to monitor major review platforms, consolidating all relevant data into a user-friendly dashboard.

Review Tool

Image source: reviewtool.com

As a cost-effective Podium alternative, Review Tool may lack some of the extensive integrations of its competitors but compensates with its straightforward functionality and ease of use.

Its key features include:

  • Review Generation: Simplifies the collection of consistent reviews via text, MMS, and email invitations, making it easier for businesses to engage with their customers.
  • Competitive Insights: Offers tools to gather valuable competitive intelligence and establish benchmarks, helping businesses understand their position in the market.
  • AI and Manual Response Options: Use AI for automated responses to reviews or allow for manual responses directly from the dashboard, providing flexibility in how businesses engage with feedback.
  • Review Showcase Widget: Enables businesses to highlight their best reviews on their website through a customizable review widget, enhancing their online reputation.

CTA= Get your free Review widget

Review Tool prioritizes efficient and effective review management without the need for complex integrations. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking to boost their online presence through better review visibility and engagement, offering a straightforward approach to managing and showcasing customer feedback.

8. Emitrr

Emitrr is an advanced customer engagement platform. It helps local businesses optimize their customer journey using text messages and automation. This tool stands out for its ability to facilitate direct and efficient communication between businesses and their customers, streamlining processes from customer acquisition to retention.


Image source: emitrr.com

Key features include:

  • Missed Call Conversion: Turns missed calls into text messages, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered, thus improving the overall customer experience.
  • Text Follow-Ups: Engages customers with text message follow-ups to enhance recall and re-engagement, keeping businesses at the top of their minds.
  • Webchat to Text: Converts webchat interactions into text messages for faster response times, offering the business and customer convenience.
  • Direct Text Messaging: Enables businesses to communicate directly with customers via SMS, facilitating immediate and personal interaction.
  • Reputation Management: Sends out review requests via text to help businesses build and manage their online reputation effectively.

With its robust features and capabilities, Emitrr presents itself as a comprehensive tool for businesses focused on maintaining full schedules and retaining customers through effective communication and engagement strategies.

9. Text Request

Text Request is a business texting tool that helps you talk to customers easily. It’s perfect for sending quick messages and getting fast replies, whether just starting or having a big team. You can use your existing business number to send texts so customers recognize you.

Text Request

Image source:textrequest.com

Main features include:

  • Chat with Customers: Talk to customers directly through texts for quick, personal replies.
  • Work with Your CRM: You can link Text Request to your CRM system so all your customer info stays in sync.
  • Group Messages: Easily send updates or offers to groups of customers.
  • Scale as You Grow: Text Request fits any business size and can grow with you, offering unique setups if you need them.

Text Request stands out because it’s straightforward and focuses on helping you reach customers without hassle. It’s designed to solve common problems with chatting and customer service, making your work easier. Plus, you don’t need to switch numbers; use what you’ve got to keep things simple.

10. Podium

Podium is an AI-driven platform that helps over 100,000 businesses stand out. It integrates easily with the tools you already use. Podium makes business simpler with texting. Get more reviews, leads, and payments through texts. Manage all your chats in one place and run text marketing campaigns.


Image source: podium.com

Top features include:

  • Get Reviews Easily: Sends review requests automatically.
  • Modern Call System: Includes Phone and VoIP solutions.
  • Smart AI Chat: Handles customer messages quickly.
  • Manage Text Campaigns: For better marketing.
  • Always Improving: Podium keeps adding new features.

Podium offers everything to make your customer interactions smooth and productive, all through text messages.

11. Reviews.io

Reviews.io is a top choice for businesses who want to boost their online presence through honest customer reviews. This platform is all about building your brand’s reputation, promoting customer loyalty, and aligning your offerings with what the market desires.


Image source: reviews.io

Its key features include:

  • Trust and Conversion: Increase both by showcasing authentic, verified reviews of your products or services.
  • Easy Review Collection: Automate your campaigns with customizable emails, in-email forms, or free SMS invites.
  • Manage Your Online Presence: Display reviews everywhere, from your product pages to Google and social media.
  • Boost Your Seller Rating: As a Google Licensed Partner, your collected feedback helps improve your seller rating.
  • Enhance Brand Engagement: Use the video review tool to gather impactful user-generated content and elevate feedback.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Designed for ease of use, Reviews.io offers straightforward navigation for businesses and their customers. It boosts seamless integrations with major eCommerce platforms, CRMs, social media, online loyalty programs, and digital marketing tools.

Operating globally with offices in the UK, US, Germany, and Australia, Reviews.io supports brands in standing out in the crowded online market. They offer contract-free, customizable pricing plans that come with cutting-edge features. This ensures businesses of all sizes can leverage the power of customer feedback to drive business growth.

12. Swell

Swell is a reputation management platform designed to boost your business’s online presence across various industries. Swell specializes in enhancing companies’ digital reputations, focusing on health and dental practices.


Image source: swellcx.com

Key features include:

  • Analytics: Provides valuable data for more intelligent decision-making.
  • Review Management: Helps manage and generate customer reviews efficiently.
  • Web Chat and Messaging: Engages customers directly on your website.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Streamlines booking processes for customers.
  • Payment Processing: Facilitates easy and secure payments.
  • Surveys: Gather deeper insights through customer feedback.

Swell’s industry-specific approach ensures that businesses receive general support and guidance tailored to their unique needs, making it easier to collect reviews, interact with customers, and strengthen their online reputation.

13. BrightLocal

BrightLocal is a comprehensive local SEO tool to enhance your business’s visibility in local search results. Perfect for businesses seeking to outshine their competition in local searches.


Image source: brightlocal.com

BrightLocal focuses on improving search rankings, generating more leads, and managing online reputations efficiently.

Its key features include:

  • Local Listings Creation: Helps your business appear in local searches by ensuring your information is consistent and widespread across the internet.
  • Review Management: Simplifies the process of responding to Google and Facebook reviews and helps identify areas for improvement based on customer feedback.
  • Review Generation: Encourages more customer reviews to strengthen your online reputation.
  • SEO Improvement: Targets higher visibility in local search results to attract more traffic and leads.

As an alternative to BirdEye, BrightLocal provides a toolkit that boosts your online presence and offers detailed insights and easy management of reviews and listings.

With BrightLocal, businesses can easily navigate the complexities of local SEO and online reputation management, making it simpler to connect with local customers and grow.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Alternative

When exploring BirdEye alternatives, pinpointing the right solution for your business hinges on several critical factors.

Here’s what to keep in mind to ensure you make an informed decision:

Specific Business Needs and Goals

Identify your primary objectives. Are you focused on enhancing your online reputation, improving customer engagement, or streamlining communication? Understanding your specific goals will guide you in selecting a platform that aligns with your business strategy.

Budget Constraints

The Budget plays a crucial role in decision-making. Consider the cost-effectiveness of alternatives in terms of the features and value they offer. Look for solutions that provide transparent pricing and fit within your financial plan without compromising essential functionalities.

Feature Requirements

Assess the non-negotiable features for your operations. Whether it’s advanced review management, analytics, or customer feedback tools, ensure the alternative you choose meets your core needs. Also, consider the ease of use and the learning curve of adopting a new platform.

Integration Capabilities with Existing Tools

Seamless integration with your current software stack is vital. An alternative that integrates well with your existing CRM, marketing, and sales tools can significantly enhance efficiency and reduce the friction of adopting a new system.

Customer Support and Resources

The level of support and resources offered can substantially impact your experience with a platform. Look for alternatives that provide comprehensive customer support, including training materials, responsive help desks, and community forums, to assist you in maximizing the tool’s potential.

Evaluating BirdEye alternatives through the lens of these considerations will help you choose a platform that meets your immediate needs and supports your business’s growth and evolving demands.

How To Switch From BirdEye To DemandHub?

Switching from BirdEye to DemandHub is super straightforward, and you won’t have to lift a finger—our customer support team at DemandHub will take care of everything for you.

  • We’ll transfer all your automation setups and contacts over to DemandHub at no extra cost. Before we complete the switch, our team will validate compatibility with your current systems.
  • Your phone number will be ported over and set up for texting.
  • All your integrations will be migrated to work with your current CRM system.
  • Your team will receive online training to ensure you’re all set to go.
  • Plus, if any questions or issues pop up, our support team is on standby to assist you.

Now that you know what’s out there and what you’re missing with BirdEye, and if you’re on the hunt for more features, better pricing, and friendly customer support, it might be the right time to switch to DemandHub.

Frequently Asked Questions about BirdEye Alternatives

Why Should Businesses Look for BirdEye Alternatives?

Businesses look for BirdEye alternatives to find solutions that better fit their budget, offer more tailored features for their industry, or provide better customer support options.

What Are Some Key Features to Look for in a BirdEye Alternative?

Look for alternatives offering robust review management, customizable feedback requests, comprehensive analytics, multi-channel communication options (like text and web chat), and seamless integration with existing business tools.

Can Small Businesses Benefit From BirdEye Alternatives?

Yes, small businesses can benefit from BirdEye alternatives, especially those offering scalable solutions, affordable pricing plans, and features that streamline customer engagement and online reputation management.

Are there Free Plans Available With BirdEye Alternatives?

Some BirdEye alternatives like DemandHub offer free trial periods, allowing businesses to test out features before committing to a paid subscription. However, the scope of features available for free may vary.

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