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Promotional Texting Templates for Boosting Your Car Sales

Mia Jensen | May 30, 2022
Text Message Templates for Boosting Car Sales

Want to improve your customer engagement and boost your car sales? Sending promotional text messages instead of sending an email has been proven to be the most effective way to promote a sale or an event your dealership is having.

Send a quick SMS text message so you can be sure your message will be seen. Texting has a 98 percent open rate, versus only 23% for emails - making it the most effective form of communication for your business.

While promotional SMS is a great opportunity for you to send out specific offers, you won't be able to use your old email templates and send them via SMS. With a new format, youโ€™ll want to adjust your communication for mobile devices.

What are examples of promotional advertising?

The difference between promotional advertising and normal ads is that promotions occur within a specific timeframe. Some examples of a promotion would be a limited-time deal such as "buy one, get one free", a coupon, or a seasonal sale.

Promotions help engage customers to your dealership and attract new customers with a deal they can't miss. Advertising creates an identity for your brand and allows you to create value in your name that helps you nurture. your customer relationships.

What should I write to promote a product?

How you write about a product or sale matters when promoting it. This is called copywriting, and the language you use should both excite and create a sense of urgency for customers to come to your business.

Copy (a.k.a. ad phrases) such as "limited time only" and "back in stock!" is a great way to do that. Sending text message promotions to your target audience is a great way to utilize SMS advertising for small businesses. SMS messages allow companies to give promotional content and important details (such as location, timeframe, flash sale, etc) at the best times right to shoppers' mobile phones.

How do you write a promotional text?

There are 3 main components of a promotional text: 1. your hook, 2. your promotion, and 3. exclusivity. While promotional messages is an easy way to reach your target market, the SMS marketing messages with the best results are ones that don't come off too salesy. The important thing about promotional messaging is to have a clear call to action but to avoid overusing the caps lock or buzzwords like "free".

For example, instead of saying "HUGE FLASH SUMMER SALE - get BUY ONE get ONE FREE", you could say "Is your wardrobe ready for your best summer yet? We're having a huge flash sale on our entire summer collection - buy one get one free before June 1st. Come in-store today!"

What is an example of a promotional message?

In fact, 67 percent of consumers admitted to making a purchase they hadnโ€™t been planning to make because they got a deal or discount. Here are some examples of promotional text messages you might use for your business.

Since the goal of a promotional message, you first need to define your promotional purposes. Are you having a sale? Are you hosting an event? Do you want to give your customer base a gift?

Keep reading for some text marketing messages for every kind of promotion and the right SMS campaign for you.

1. Large ticketed event

If you're having a big event such as a conference, workshop or live event, good examples of promotional SMS templates include:

{DEALERSHIP NAME} is hosting a conference featuring the top mechanics in Toronto. Reserve your seat and get the best tips on how to keep that engine running smoothly. Buy tickets with the code SUMMER2022 to get 30% off until Friday! More details here: {LINK}


Learn the right tools to build your marketing campaign with social media. DemandHub is hosting a workshop for business owners to learn how to make the most of your marketing channels and grow your business.๐Ÿ’ฐ Get you and your team 30% off if you buy your tickets before Tuesday! Buy your tickets here:

2. Recurring event

Here are some SMS marketing examples for a recurring event your business might hold - whether it be weekly, monthly, or annually. You can also include your potential customer's name as a marketing strategy to make it more personable and get high open rates:

Hey {NAME}, it's that time of the week where we host our weekly โ€œHondaโ€™s best kept secretsโ€ LIVE Q&A. ๐Ÿ“ˆ Join the zoom workshop here at 5pm EST to get expert advice on your marketing plan:


Our dealership is hosting our โ€œYoung Drivers: Road Safetyโ€ seminar tomorrow night! Join experts at {COMPANY NAME}'s this friday night for a chance to win a special gift at the end of the night for all our future responsible drivers. See the schedule here: {LINK}

3. Special event

If you want to share the good news about a special event you're holding, text your potential customers the important information they need to join! Here are a couple of text promotion examples: May Day Mayhem is just around the corner! Get 50% on all car accessories plus financing options from 0.99%! ๐Ÿš™ This Thursday, the hours are between 9am -6pm - swing by anytime and get the best deal on the market.

4. Annual sale event

Use SMS marketing tools to promote an annual sale. The right time to reach shoppers is at the beginning of the sale to both promote your offer as well as any new products you might have available:

Spring has sprung and you know what that means? NEW 2022 cars and our annual sale event! The sale begins on Saturday and will run for a full week. ๐Ÿ’ Come down to {DEALERSHIP} Saturday for the best surprise deals and other events!

5. Early bird special sale for customers

If you're hosting a sale or event, you can send promotional texts to your potential customers with an early bird sale to both: 1. gauge interest, and 2. incite urgency. When a customer knows that this extra deal is only available for a limited time, they're more likely to purchase. Hi {NAME} - our official Car Lovers conference dates have been released! ๐ŸŽ‰ The event will happen on July 11th, 2022. Mark your calendars and secure your seats before May 25th to save an extra $150. Purchase after May 25th and only get $50 off. Get your early bird tickets here:


Hey Member! We're so glad you're signed up to our SMS promos - to say thanks, we want to give you an offer only members like you will see ๐Ÿ‘€ Get an extra 40% off ALL USED CARS until May 11th, before we open up the sale to everyone else. Click here to start stocking up:

6. Loyalty discounts and offers

Engage your customer list by giving them an exclusive offer as appreciation for their loyalty. Discounts are a great way to engage customers who already love your business and want to come back for more.

Hey {NAME} - We know that road trips are an essential this summer, so we thought we would help you get your car prepped for the best summer yet! Use the code "ROADTRIP2022" to get all our off-road car accessories 50% off.

7. Holiday sales

Holiday sales are the best way to attract new or retuning customers to your business, whether it be during the gift giving holidays in the winter, or the festivities during the summer months. Here are some templates you can use to promote your holiday events:

Heat up your 4th of July weekend with a brand new 4WD Truck to get your tailgate party revved up! You'll be the driver with the most, so take advange of our July 4th BLOWOUT sale before July 11th! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ


This sale is way too nice that Santa had to check it twice! ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป Finish your last minute winter tire before it's too late and get an extra 15% off with the code "NICE15"

8. Please give us feedback!

You can text your customers to let them know about new items, while also asking for feedback. Feedback helps grow your business and show new customers why they should do business with you.

Asking for feedback can be a seamless process, as long as you're giving your customers the everything they need to make it as easy as possible.

Make sure you include a link to your review profile so they can just click straight from their phone.

Also keep in mind the timing you send the text, as you'll have better luck getting feedback immediately after they've completed their transaction of when they're done with your service.

Hi {NAME}, thanks for choosing {BUSINESS NAME}, we appreciate it. Would you be able to leave us a quick review on the following page? {INSERT REVIEW LINK}


Hey {NAME}, Thanks for stopping by! We're always so happy to see such friendly faces ๐Ÿ˜‡ - would you be able to leave us a quick review here? {INSERT REVIEW LINK}

9. Wholesale or re-stock items

If you have customers looking for a certain product that you don't have in stock, you can always notify them once they come in stock with an email to continue the sale.

Hey {NAME}, that black 2022 sedan is back in stock for you! We wanted to let you know first so you can get your hands on it before it's too late! Click here to buy {INSERT LINK}

10. Product launch

If you have a product launch coming up or already launched, you can attract attention to your new products by letting customers know that its out or its about to be launched. Generate some interest by promoting it on their mobile phones.

It's almost here! Our long awaited 2022 ALL ROAD Series will be released on June 4th, 2022. ๐Ÿ– Get your pre-order now here: {LINK}

Best Practices for SMS Marketing

The best ways to reach recipients in a way that shows your great customer service is to first get their consent to receive SMS marketing messages. In all SMS marketing, the first thing you must get is the user's permission to ensure that you are not violating their privacy and SMS marketing guidelines. Be sure to let your users know that SMS rates may apply.

This also means that you shouldn't buy contact lists. Spamming people is a big no-no, as you should respect your customer's wishes. Plus, if they don't want your messages, they likely won't buy either.

Another thing to consider when writing SMS text messages is to make sure you're providing relevant information within the character limit. SMS stands for short message service, meaning that you are only able to send out offers that are 160 characters or less.

This means including your business name, your promotion, and the expiration date of the promo.

This is also a great marketing tool to use for different purposes, depending on the type of message you send. You can use SMS marketing channels to send abandoned shopping cart texts, appointment reminders, transactional messages, real-time order updates, or even blog post promotions.

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