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Quorum is a popular dealer management system (DMS) that integrates with DemandHub to help your dealership get more reviews and manage sales leads more effectively.

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Quorum Reviews

DemandHub integrates with Quorum to automatically send out review requests to customers automatically. Once your DemandHub account is integrated with Quorum, DemandHub will automatically use the name, email address and phone number of your customers to send timely review invites, based on fully configurable rules.

Automatically send out review requests after a customer visit.
Get a steady stream of authentic reviews on Google, Facebook, and many more review sites to help you rank higher in search engines.
Improve visibility of your business and brand to prospective new customers.

Quorum Lead Management

By connecting DemandHub with Quorum, you can maximize your sales by never missing a lead with an automated Lead Manager. The DemandHub Lead Manager software seamlessly collects all your digital leads across your most important online sales channels and instantly sends an alert to your team. It will also send the lead data to Quorum using the Auto Lead Data Format (also known as ADF).

Keep leads hot by assigning the next available sales rep in a round-robin manner.
Gather leads from all channels, in one place, so you never lose a lead.
Automatically import your lead information into Quorum with a single click - no manual input needed.
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