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How to Get More Patients in Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Why Reviews Matter in 2022

Mia Jensen | May 3, 2022
How to Get More Patients in Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Are you a healthcare provider looking to dive into medical care marketing strategies and increase patient volume?

In this blog post, we'll be going through small steps you can take to grow your patient base and get started with your healthcare marketing strategy.

Most patients seeking expert advice and top-tier patient care will do research on review websites, marketing channels like Google search ad, social media and positive feedback (or even feedback on negative experiences).

But how important are reviews when it comes to acquiring new patients to your clinic?

Online review websites can be a great way for you to attract new patients to your clinic without having to spend a dime on marketing efforts.

Your medical practice can create an online presence and stand out against others by improving your online reputation to bring your practice website to the top of results on search engines.

When choosing a doctor's office, most patients search on their mobile device and heavily depend on online reviews for realistic feedback.

Most people will check online listings like Google Maps reviews, which has a wider audience because it's the most simple way to find doctors' contact information, such as business hours, phone numbers, local news, Facebook page, and more in their local area.

They also seek reviews on more specialized review websites such as, rateMD, and health grades to find the right people.

These internet review websites have had a growing influence on medical communities as well as practitioners' ability to attract new patients. In recent years, the number of people who use online review websites to find and select a new physician has grown.

Clinics and providers that have profiles set up on review websites increase their visibility in search results to new patients in local communities. Beyond visibility, 71% of patients use online review websites as their first step for finding a new practitioner.

In fact, positive reviews on healthcare review websites have the ability to attract out-of-network patients.

About 43% of prospective patients are willing to go out of their insurance provider network if their reviews for patient experience and patient satisfaction are higher than those of an in-network provider.

The power of online reviews is an important factor to consider when trying to attract potential patients to your healthcare practice. It's best practice to ensure that your reviews are mostly positive in order to appeal to your target audience.

Positive reviews are one of the best ways to reflect high quality of care, strong relationships, and a good patient experience for your healthcare practice.

Many physicians are scared to ask current patients for online feedback as patient satisfaction can be difficult to gauge and be highly inconsistent.

The good news here is that most patients will leave positive reviews for health care providers when asked. And the even better news is that most patients will disregard a review they deem to be unreasonably negative.

It's important to be weary that negative reviews can hurt your reputation and even bring down your overall rating but responding to negative reviews can go a long way. About 36% of patients will overlook a negative review if it has been responded to thoughtfully by the provider.

Although about 60% of patients select physicians based on positive reviews, almost 61% of people avoid practitioners with a negative review.

It can be an overwhelming task to monitor multiple review websites that potential patients are searching you up on. However, neglecting the reviews you receive can hurt your practice more than you think.

So how do you manage it all?

The good news is that there are software platforms, like DemandHub, that can help monitor, track, and analyze your reviews from a single place. DemandHub is a great addition to your patient acquisition strategy to help you gain more reviews, reduce wait times, provide health information and tips, and foster a good relationship with your patients without having to make a single phone call. Reviews help facilitate with your digital marketing efforts and search engine optimization to help target patients and ultimately increase your practice's revenue.

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