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Engaging with Customers During COVID-19

Mia Jensen | March 20, 2020
Engaging with Customers During COVID-19

At DemandHub, we recognize the difficulties COVID-19 has presented to many businesses around the world. During these stressful times, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay connected with customers. Below, we share how business text messaging can help you engage with customers during this pandemic and continue building customer relationships.

Auto Responders

Auto responses help set an expectation for your customers. They’ll be informed on how long of a wait to expect, and if you’re experiencing high call or text volumes, you can easily let them know. Sending these auto-responses also lets customers know their messages have been received. Providing that relief to customers is a simple way to assure them their text will be addressed as soon as possible.


Templates make it much easier to respond to customers’ frequently asked questions. By creating templates for your staff you can cut time on repetitive conversations. You’ll be able to keep up with multiple conversations for rescheduling, and you’ll be able to respond to common COVID-19 questions with the same response in the click of a button.

Personalized Messages

By using custom fields you’re able to show the customer a real person is reaching out to assist them. Opt to use your own name when sending the message, and the opening line should greet the customer with their name. Make sure to provide options on how to move forward that are specific to their concern.

How to Use Business Text Messaging During COVID-19

Rescheduling Appointments

For many businesses texting your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic will help mitigate the stress of trying to reschedule many appointments over the phone. Make it easy by providing alternative dates, or list the various options the customer has available to them. You can save on hours of calling by texting their options straight to their phones. Remember to stay flexible and provide as many alternatives as you can. This will help assure your customers they have not been forgotten and you are adapting in any way possible to further assist them.

Sending Reminders

Sending a reminder confirmation to your customers lets them know that you’re still ready to assist them. Customers are feeling the pressures of the pandemic and having a reminder text can help them feel reassured that they’re being taken care of. By sending a quick reminder you can inform them of any updates relevant to their inquiry. It’s important to have an option for the customer to also reach out after the reminder to either reschedule or cancel.

Updates on Safety Procedures

Let your customers know how you’re changing operations to adjust for social distancing. It’s important for your customers to know how you plan on providing your services and how you’ve adapted new safety procedures to help flatten the curve. You should also let your customers know of any changes in business hours so they know when to reach out to you.

Internal Communication

Many companies have shifted to a Work-From-Home system, where their employees are choosing to continue working in isolation. When picking a business messaging tool, ensure they have a unified platform where all employees can chat with customers and each other. By having internal communication on the same dashboard, everyone can stay connected with each other. Making sure everyone is in the loop is important to keep up productivity.

We're here to help

Our goal is to help streamline the process for all businesses to stay in touch with their customers and help alleviate any additional pains that come with social distancing. We truly understand the importance of staying in touch with customers and want to help businesses keep that relationship with their customers during this pandemic. DemandHub offers several communication tools, including text messaging, Web Chat and Team Chat.

If you have any questions please contact us at support@demandhub.co or call us at +1 800-971-4547.

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