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Best Practices for Communication with Customers During COVID-19

Mia Jensen | April 28, 2020
Best Practices for Communication with Customers During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how businesses communicate with customers. The shift from sales to support is universal across most industries, as businesses try to help their customers get through these stressful times. It can be difficult to adapt to the change, and understanding how to better communicate with your customers during this time is crucial to continue building customer relationships. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when reaching out to customers today:

1. Introduce yourself

Reaching out via text or email is a great way to keep communicating with your customers. By introducing yourself before a conversation, or signing off with your name at the end of the first message, customers know they’re talking to a real person. In situations where customers have already spoken to you on the phone or in person, this establishes even more trust because they’ll recognize you when you reach out again.

2. Add value with every message

Sending a message simply asking customers to purchase a product or service can come off as insensitive. Remember to always add value to your text messages and emails when reaching out to customers. Provide content that will brighten their day, provide resources, or let them know how you’re going to stay in business during these times. Use your expertise to create content you feel would be helpful to customers, and answer common questions or share tips in homemade videos or live streams. Just share the links to your customers to continue providing them with valuable information.

3. Don’t feel the need to act like everything is normal!

Understand that we’re all human and that everyone is feeling the pressure of COVID-19. Address the issue and recognize that, while things will get better, we will all adapt to these changes in the best way we can. Be clear and transparent about the steps you’re taking and how this may affect your business.

4. Be sensitive to customer needs

It may be a challenge to put the customer first because these can be stressful times for business owners and customers alike. It’s important to remember that everyone is trying to adapt to what our new lifestyle could look like for a while. Constantly paying attention to customer needs is a crucial part of staying in business during COVID-19. Listen to your customers when they reach out and try to adapt to their needs. Let them know your intention is to keep providing assistance during these times. By keeping in touch with your customers, you’ll understand what they really want and how you can help.

5. Make it easy for customers to do business with you online

Whether it’s chatting with your customers with Web Chat or implementing new tools to help book appointments online or via text messaging, take advantage of tech tools to move your business to the digital world. The goal is to make your business as accessible as possible. By making it easier for customers who are browsing the web to reach out to you and engage with your services, you’ll be able to keep building customer relationships. By implementing tools such as Web Chat, even employees who are working from home will be able to easily chat and assist customers.

6. Share information from valid sources

While it may be tempting to send out brand new information as soon as it comes out, make sure to only send information from reputable sources when helping out your customers. You might find that there are some relief programs you want to share with your customers, or opportunities to provide helpful tips. Make sure that the source of the information you’re spreading is factual, and try to stay away from estimations as they could lead to false hope or misinformation. Sources to share information from include government websites, and the Health Organization (WHO).

7. Send out positive and hopeful messages!

Even though it may be difficult at times, giving a shout-out to others in your community or even reaching out to share content that made others happy and got them through the day is a great way to keep building those customer relationships.

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