Branding, Automation, and Growth - The Fix's 300% Review Rise and 45% Lead Surge with DemandHub

How a leading chiropractic clinic partnered with DemandHub to enhance patient communication, and saw a 25% improvement in operational efficiency and patient recovery rates.
Branding, Automation, and Growth - The Fix's 300% Review Rise and 45% Lead Surge with DemandHub

The Story of The Fix

Nestled in the heart of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, lies a beacon of holistic health and wellness: The Fix.

Founded by Dr. Megan McDonald, a dedicated chiropractor, the Fix is a multidisciplinary clinic and boutique training facility. It offers various services, from chiropractic care and medical acupuncture to rehabilitation therapy.

Their clientele is as diverse as their services, catering to patients as young as seven days to those 94 years old. What sets them apart is their commitment to providing patient-centered, hands-on, evidence-informed treatment along with patient education. Their approach to wellness is thorough, ensuring the highest quality of care for their patients.

The journey to establishing The Fix was deeply personal for Dr. Megan. After practicing in Toronto and learning alongside outstanding chiropractic mentors who modeled an upstream approach to healthcare, she recognized the power of an integrated health clinic where movement is medicine.

Dr. Megan realized she could bring this model to her home community of Summerside. And in 2019, The Fix opened its doors. This transition was more than just a change in name or location; it was the birth of a broader vision of integrated health services where patients are partners in their own care and where they are empowered to use movement as medicine.

Behind every successful venture are the people who drive it. While Dr. Megan was the healthcare visionary, Kathy McDonald, her mother, was brought into the business in 2021 to get and keep things running smoothly. As the clinic’s principal, Kathy was vital in managing administrative and operational tasks. Her dedication ensured The Fix provided exceptional services and operated efficiently.

Together, this dynamic mother-daughter duo embarked on a mission. Their goal? To redefine health and wellness in PEI, creating a legacy that would benefit the community for years.

The Fix

Challenges Before DemandHub: Disjointed Communication with Multiple Platforms

The clinic faced many challenges before partnering with DemandHub. Dr. Megan was stretched thin, trying to manage many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and the clinic’s website. The lack of a centralized platform meant that messages could be missed or delayed, potentially affecting patient care and satisfaction.

She recalls, “We were using multiple platforms… It was very disjointed.” With her hands full attending to patients and overseeing the clinic, many messages often fell through the cracks, going unanswered.

Before DemandHub, the clinic’s traditional phone system was chaotic. The constant phone tag was a heavy task for the receptionist to juggle calls and schedule appointments. As Kathy pointed out, “We had different systems for different things… It was a lot to manage.” This inefficiency often culminated in missed calls and tardy responses.

"Our phones were ringing off the hook, and with only one person at reception, as we are a small business, it was challenging to answer all the calls, get back to people, and put them on the schedule."
- Kathy McDonald, Principal of The Fix

With a growing team, The Fix felt the pressing need for a system that would empower multiple staff members to engage with patients simultaneously, ensuring no message went unnoticed.

Beyond that, there was a clear need for a mechanism to monitor communications, ensuring transparency and accountability in interactions. Dr. Megan emphasized, “We needed something to streamline our processes and bring everything under one roof.”

"I know we've had clients… and they don't answer the phone, so we text them, and within 10 seconds, we have a response…because it’s the preferred way many people communicate."
- Megan McDonald, Founder of The Fix

How DemandHub Helped The Fix: One Unified Inbox & Unique Chatbot Branding

When Dr. Megan started with DemandHub, she saw solid results. One of their most pressing challenges was managing various conversations across different platforms. DemandHub swiftly addressed this challenge.

The platform enabled the clinic to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, streamlining their communication process. Kathy highlighted the transformative impact of this feature, stating, “Before, our phones were ringing off the hook, and now we can manage multiple conversations at once.” This improved overall efficiency and significantly reduced the volume of phone calls, as patients found it more convenient to communicate via text.

How DemandHub Helped The Fix

In a unique branding move, The Fix introduced “Fixey” to their patients. Fixey, an automated response system on DemandHub, ensured patients received timely responses. They were also able to add a touch of personality to their interactions.

Kathy spoke fondly of Fixey, mentioning, “We’ve branded it as ‘Fixey’… It’s been a fun part of our branding.” Even outside regular business hours, Fixey makes sure that patients feel heard and valued, further solidifying The Fix’s reputation as a patient-centric clinic.

"It's effortless through DemandHub to get reviews as people feel comfortable just giving it on the fly. We've received lots of positive feedback, and we can share that with our practitioners, which helps them gain self-efficacy."
- Kathy McDonald, Principal of The Fix

With DemandHub, The Fix can tailor how frequently reviews are sent to patients. This regular influx of feedback provides invaluable insights, helping the clinic enhance its services. Kathy appreciated this feature: “We can customize how often we send review requests. It’s been great for our new practitioners to boost their confidence.”

Another positive feedback on how DemandHub Helped The Fix

Moreover, DemandHub brought in a layer of accountability that was previously missing. The platform’s ability to track conversations meant that no message went unnoticed. The Fix’s receptionist, Kate, emphasized the importance of this feature, noting, “We can see who said what and when. It’s all there, black and white.” This clear record of communication ensures transparency and builds trust among the staff and patients.

The Fix faced significant challenges with its phone service provider, leading to frequent downtimes in its phone lines. This disrupted their communication with clients, risking potential business losses.

"During our phone service issues, Demand Hub was a lifesaver. Many clients reached out, saying they couldn't get through on the phone. But with DemandHub, we never missed a beat. It ensured uninterrupted communication, preventing potential business losses. I can't imagine going back; I'd highly recommend it to any business."
- Kate, Patient Account Specialist at The Fix

The Result: 5 Star Ratings, More Leads (and More Revenue!)


inbound chat leads in 6 months


boost in reviews using DemandHub


new client inquiries through DemandHub

With the help of DemandHub’s business growth tools and the data they’ve collected through the Web Chat and Reviews integration, The Fix witnessed a massive change in their operations and client interactions.

Over six months, The Fix has maintained a 5-star rating while increasing the number of reviews by over 300%. Moreover, it has successfully engaged with 65+ inbound chat leads in 6 months, showcasing the effectiveness of real-time communication with potential clients.

DemandHub’s SMS feature streamlined The Fix’s outbound reminders and client communication process. This ensured clients were always in the loop, reducing missed appointments and enhancing the overall client experience.

Since integrating with DemandHub, 45% of The Fix’s total leads have been directly attributed to DemandHub, showcasing its effectiveness in driving new potential clients.

"Immediately after starting the free trial with DemandHub…. we realized its value. It may look like more than a phone bill, but it pays for itself within the first week of using it every month. Looking back, we couldn't afford not to have it."
- Kathy McDonald, Principal of The Fix

The Fix Team’s Advice for New Businesses

As seasoned professionals in the health and wellness industry, Dr. Megan and Kathy understand the intricacies and challenges businesses, especially new ones, face in today’s digital age. They emphasize the importance of efficient communication, especially when managing multiple platforms and ensuring that no patient inquiry goes unanswered.

Kathy strongly encourages small business owners to try DemandHub. She stated, “It can increase the efficiency of your reception staff… Don’t be alarmed by the monthly price if you’re a small business. It certainly produces an excellent return on investment and is definitely worth the monthly subscription cost…”

The Fix Team’s Advice for New Businesses

Kathy further elaborates on the significance of real-time communication, stating that it enhances the patient experience and ensures that businesses can effectively manage and respond to inquiries, even during unforeseen challenges such as phone line issues.

On the other hand, Megan highlights the value of having a centralized platform like DemandHub. She points out the convenience it offers, especially to the younger generation, who prefer texting over phone calls.

Advice by the Founder of Fix

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