High Touch Moving Builds Trust with Customers By Increasing Online Reviews

With DemandHub Reviews, Web Chat, and Messenger, this moving company mproves their credibility online — and increases traffic to their website — through the power of customer reviews.
High Touch Moving Builds Trust with Customers By Increasing Online Reviews

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About High Touch Moving

High Touch Moving is proud to be one of New York’s most trusted movers. For them, it’s important to provide customers with peace of mind during the stress of a move. Specializing in long distance, residential, commercial, and local moving, the company helps customers with the packing, storage, and delivery of their valuable personal items.

The Challenge

New York City is one of the most competitive places to be a mover in North America. In order to get the attention of new customers, a business needs to focus on two key elements: building trust, and being easy to find online. For Golan Mordechai, owner of High Touch Moving, it’s important to understand the needs of customers before trying to impress them. “People don’t care about how long you’ve been in business. They want to know what other people have said about you,” Mordechai explains.

With a keen understanding of the importance of social proof, Mordechai had been trying to encourage customers to leave reviews by sending them a text using an in-house system. However, the process was time-consuming and ineffective. Prior to that, he had worked with another review-focused company, but didn’t find the results he was looking for.

Mordechai wanted to make sure that High Touch Moving was highly ranked on Google, because online searches are one of the top ways people find businesses to work with. However, once people find the business on Google, they want to know that the business is credible and trustworthy. That’s where reviews come in. “It means a lot to customers when they see tons of positive reviews,” says Mordechai.

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“We have definitely seen an impact on the amount of reviews we’re getting
since using DemandHub. Reviews are the name of the game today.
You can’t be successful without positive reviews.”

Golan Mordechai - Owner, High Touch Moving

The Solution

In order to stand out from the competition and promote its credibility, High Touch Moving uses DemandHub Reviews. It’s a seamless way to ask customers for their feedback, and establish a sense of trust with prospects online. With just a few clicks on their mobile phone, customers can post a review on Google. The increase in online reviews boosts the company’s ranking on Google.

Plus, if a customer doesn’t have a Google account, they can still provide the company feedback online. With Direct Feedback Reviews, customers don’t need to use their Gmail account. This enables a greater percentage of customers to leave feedback without worrying about setting up a login.

The Reputation Badge, which showcases the number of reviews and the Google star rating, adds additional credibility to the High Touch Moving website. “We have definitely seen an impact on the amount of reviews we’re getting since using DemandHub,” says Mordechai. “Reviews are the name of the game today. You can’t be successful without positive reviews.” 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses, including 95% of people aged 18-34.

Once the customers find High Touch Moving through Google, read the hundreds of positive reviews, and land on to the website, Mordechai and his team can talk to them through DemandHub Web Chat. This enables the business to capitalize on their customers’ interest in the company right away.

Using DemandHub WebChat, neither Mordechai or the customer need to be tied down to their computer, because they can continue the conversation over text. “We like to use different channels to communicate with our customers. It’s easy,” he explains.

In fact, 9 out of 10 people want to talk to brands through text messaging, according to Twilio.

DemandHub Messenger is also an effective way to provide customers with quotes on their moving jobs. “Our customers usually use this in the evening during off hours,” says Mordechai. “We answer questions and get more information to give them quotes on their move.”

The Results

The results of using DemandHub over 4 months have been impressive. “I have been very positively surprised,” Mordechai says. “I got a much better result than I anticipated. It’s a good surprise to have!”

Take a look at the numbers:

  • High Touch Moving gained over 140 new Google Reviews , building trust and credibility in a highly competitive local market.
  • The company made it easier for people without a Google account to provide feedback, and earned 10 new Direct Feedback Reviews. -Since using DemandHub, High Touch Moving sees 8.3 times more Google reviews per month. Before using DemandHub, the company averaged less than 2 reviews per month, and now they receive an average of 15 reviews each month.
  • Over just 4 months, High Touch Moving saw 66 inbound leads through WebChat, enabling them to capitalize on their customers’ interest quickly.
  • Since joining, they’ve seen over 1,028 inbound leads, proving that their solution has continued to work year over year.

Not only has DemandHub helped High Touch Moving meet their goals of standing out in a competitive market, they have built a solid online reputation. “Customers want to see what everyone else says about us,” shares Mordechai.

By creating a solid foundation of positive reviews, High Touch Moving establishes their credibility and they increase their ranking on Google. This makes it easy for new customers to find them — and choose them — online.

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