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Top Review Sites for Automotive in 2022

Mia Jensen | April 28, 2022
Top Review Sites for Automotive in 2022

Wondering what the most reliable car sites are? Consumers today do research on the internet to determine the reliability of your company when making any new car purchases, whether they're buying a new truck, electric vehicles, small cars, SUVs - you name it, they're looking.

So that means getting reviews for your dealership is the key to getting found online and attracting more car buyers. Here’s a list of the top review sites your dealership should look out for.

What is the most reliable car review site?

The most important review website every dealership should have is Google. This is because of the large amount of traffic that comes from people searching online with local intent, and the credibility of Google reviews.

Google is the most popular online review platform, as 59% of consumers use it to read reviews. While this is the most reliable car review site, listed below are the many review sites your dealership should consider when improving your online reputation.


While Google may seem like a no-brainer, 76% of consumers say they trust the reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations.

Keeping your Google Business Profile (GBP) up to date means that customers browsing for dealerships in your area can see your positive reviews to determine whether or not they want to do business with you.

On the more technical side, GBP influences your dealership’s local SEO - the algorithm factors in your relevancy, local area, your photos, and prominence to determine your search engine ranking.

Reviews end up appearing at the top of “near me” Google map search results when individuals search for dealerships for your local area. This is why it is important to put yourself in a position to claim and maintain your GBP.

One way to gather more 5-star reviews is by texting your customers to leave you a review. You can learn more about how you can utilize texting to gain more customers here: Link to another article.


Another highly popular site to gather reviews for your dealership is Facebook. These ratings and reviews appear on your business page, so anyone with a Facebook account can view your reviews easily while they’re scrolling your feed.

Anyone with a Facebook account can sign in and leave you a review. Since 58% of Americans have an active Facebook account, you can probably count on this being a popular platform for your dealership’s reviewers.

Facebook also has an online marketplace where dealers are able to post listings for new cars and sales while also linking to your business page, allowing customers to simultaneously check out your reviews on Facebook.


Yelp has been a popular review site for restaurants, many dealerships can use their Yelp reviews to improve their reputation. Businesses of all kinds have reviews on yelp ranging from 1-5 stars.

While Yelp is very clear about their policy against business owners requesting reviews, engaging with your customers, responding to reviews, thanking them for their business and/or responding to any complaints will help your reputation. This will show that you care about feedback and value your customers.

Dealership Review Sites

While the big 3 are the most common review sites that all kinds of businesses need to think about, there are several dealership-specific review sites that customers may also want to check out.


DealerRater is a popular online car reviews site focused on giving dealerships ratings, employee ratings and profile pages, and alternative ways for car buyers to have direct communication with the salespeople. This site has almost 2 million reviews and 14 million website visits a month, making it a really important review site to keep in mind.


The largest auto listing site online, AutoTrader is an important site to put your latest cars and sales on to gain some eyes on your online listings. With over 2.5 million website visitors a month, you can make use of this web traffic by putting your dealership information, your review ratings, new car listings, and more on this site to find more car buyers.

This is one of the largest automotive listing sites online as their listings can see upwards towards to over 31 million visitors every month. There are many services offered on this site such as vehicle listings, and side-by-side comparisons, but customers can also leave dealer’s reviews so other potential buyers can read more.

Similar to both AutoTrader and, Edmunds allows car buyers to browse automotive listings in the United States. While this is their main function, the site also includes vehicles reviews, dealer reviews, and tips for new car buyers.


Carfax is another vehicle listing website that offers car buyers new listings like Edmunds. This is an excellent resource for dealerships to gain more traffic to their new car listings and more buyers to your dealership website.


CarGurus is a dealer listing site that helps buyers find better deals by analyzing data on the market and letting buyers know whether they’re paying too much or getting a fair price. This data factors in vehicle history report, as well a dealership’s online reputation, making it an important website for your dealership to consider.


SureCritic is a review site that promotes displaying “real customer experiences”. This website is meant for businesses of all types, but its most popular function is helping car owners find and review auto repair shops.

The customer journey starts with reviews, as customers search more and more online for proof that you are the right place to get a new vehicle. It’s important to get set up on all these websites so you can monitor your reviews, respond to their feedback, and gain more eyes to your dealership’s website.

While this may be too many websites to manage for one person, your dealership may benefit from considering the help of online review management platforms to help you collect, manage, respond and improve your online reputation.

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