How Optimal Movement Increased Monthly Appointments and Revenue 11% Year Over Year

The wellness clinic used DemandHub to establish a strong online presence and improve its brand image, making it the top choice for local patients.
How Optimal Movement Increased Monthly Appointments and Revenue 11% Year Over Year

In a world where traditional Western medicine can leave patients feeling helpless and hopeless, Dr. Philip Kish refused to accept the status quo. He had the vision to create a community with a more holistic approach to healthcare. It was a dream born from his own struggles with chronic pain and a lack of satisfactory care from traditional medicine.

During his 20s, Dr. Philip was diagnosed with a health condition and prescribed medications to help with the pain. The side effects of the medication became more burdening than healing, but he refused to accept Western medicine as his only option.

He decided to explore alternative methods of care, including acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy - all of which ultimately ended up healing him. He was so inspired by the power of holistic healthcare that he decided to dedicate his life to it.

Through years of hard work and determination, Dr. Philip obtained a Master’s in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and earned 20+ certifications in various wellness-related fields. His passion for helping others led him to open Optimal Movement, which would provide comprehensive and personalized care to the community.

Optimal Movement has become a beacon of hope and healing for those seeking a more natural and holistic approach to healthcare. With his personal experience and expertise, Dr. Philip is committed to creating a community focused on wellness, where patients can receive the care they deserve.

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The Challenges Ranged From Getting More Reviews and Responding to Clients’ Questions Promptly

The clinic faced several challenges before partnering with DemandHub. Their process for capturing reviews was completely manual and relied solely on the initiative of clients to leave a review. As Dr. Phillip stated, “there was really nothing set in place.”

In addition to their struggles with reviews, Dr. Philip also wanted to offer clients an easy and convenient way to ask questions.

Dr. Philip recognized that “people are looking for that really quick, easy way” and that many people prefer the convenience of online communication over traditional phone calls or emails.

"A lot of people don't even want to send an email. They don't even want to make a phone call, but many people will hit that chat button."
- Dr. Philip, founder of Optimal Movement

Their receptionist also faced challenges in trying to respond to client inquiries promptly. As he explained, missing a phone call meant “the chances of retaining or capturing that client…they’re non-existent.” He realized the importance of responding quickly to inquiries to provide exceptional customer service and retain clients.

A more efficient and streamlined method of collecting reviews and responding to client inquiries was needed.

The Solutions: Web Chat and Review Management

When Dr. Philip first started with DemandHub at Optimal Movement, they saw solid results. With Web Chat, they could quickly and easily respond to patient inquiries through SMS, even outside of normal business hours. “If people have questions after work and our receptionist and I have access to it… we get back to people relatively quickly, usually, within 5 to 10 minutes,” he says. This improved the clinic’s response time with the convenience of texting, and enhanced its professional image.

Furthermore, Optimal Movement saw a significant boost in their positive reviews, increasing from 110 to 391 reviews while maintaining a 5-star rating. He noted, “Positive reviews say a lot about how hard we work to offer a stellar experience.” The good reviews attracted a lot of new clients, particularly those in town for short periods seeking wellness services.

DemandHub integrated seamlessly with the clinic’s practice management software. This allowed them to automatically send out text messages to patients to collect reviews.

Additionally, the software offers the flexibility to customize text message settings without being intrusive. He remarked, “The biggest benefit is that it works seamlessly with our practice management software. We don’t have to do anything. I like that flexibility.”

Since Optimal Movement has connected DemandHub’s Web Chat tool, they have seen tons of web interactions, some of which have been from repeat clients. Patients can easily schedule appointments, which gives Optimal Movement more flexibility in planning their day-to-day operations and managing their schedule more efficiently.

Dr. Philip stated, “We are able to bring down the stress related to managerial tasks.” Web Chat also improved communication between the clinic and patients, allowing them to respond to appointment changes and fill in missed slots quickly.

"We get a lot of questions on Web Chat about the services that we offer. So we've been able to convert them easily. We're honest, so sometimes we advise patients if a service isn't the best fit for them. WebChat is just an easy tool to answer those questions."
- Dr. Philip, founder of Optimal Movement

The implementation of DemandHub’s solutions has positively impacted both their clients and the receptionist, improving the workflow and enhancing the ability to provide quality service.

Dr. Philip further noted, “It’s even helping our receptionist, as she can get back to customers’ queries in just 5 to 10 minutes by asking us questions first, instead of picking up the phone to answer right away, our responses come off more professional”. This not only makes the receptionist’s job easier, but also improves the overall rapport of the clinic with patients.

DemandHub integrated seamlessly into Optimal Movement's daily operations, improving their response times, attracting new patients, and enhancing their professional image.

Dr. Philip reported an easy onboarding process with DemandHub. In his words, “Smooth, seamless! They walked through everything with me. It’s incredibly easy.” He added, “We picked up on it right away, and when we hired our receptionist, it took her five minutes to figure it out.”

His positive experience with the onboarding process speaks to the user-friendliness of DemandHub’s platform. The easy-to-navigate interface and straightforward setup process allowed for a seamless transition to the new system, with minimal disruption to Optimal Movement’s day-to-day operations.

This level of support and ease of use has allowed Optimal Movement to fully take advantage of the benefits of DemandHub’s Web Chat and Review Management features. As Dr. Philip stated, “It’s working seamlessly with our practice management software. We don’t have to put in any effort. It captures all of the new leads, sends out messages… that’s how we retain a solid amount of our clients.”

The Results: 5 Star Ratings, More Customer Interactions (and More Revenue, Too)


increase in monthly appointments


inbound chat leads in first 5 months


boost in Reviews using DemandHub

With the help of DemandHub’s business growth tools and the data they’ve collected through the Web Chat and Reviews integration, Optimal Movement yielded consistent and outstanding results.

Over the lifetime of their account, Optimal Movement has been able to maintain a 5 star review profile, while increasing the amount of reviews by 236%. The increase in online bookings from both new and repeat customers within 5 months of using DemandHub went up by 11% year-over-year.

"DemandHub helps you capture those leads and positive reviews. It pays for itself. When one customer walks out satisfied, they leave positive reviews and you will get more clients through the door... it's just going to snowball! The more reviews you get, the more people you see. It's like a never ending growth platform."
- Dr. Philip, founder of Optimal Movement

Dr. Philip’s Advice For New Businesses

As a seasoned entrepreneur in the wellness and fitness field, Dr. Philip recognizes the challenges that new businesses face. He emphasizes the importance of building a positive online presence and reputation to attract more customers and grow your business.

"Investing in DemandHub is going to help build and grow your business. It's going to help you get more positive reviews. Getting those reviews is challenging, especially if you're first starting out."
- Dr. Philip, founder of Optimal Movement

He explains that positive reviews improve a business’ credibility and increase visibility on search engines. The more reviews you get, the higher you get in Google rankings and the more people see you. It’s just that simple!

Dr. Philip of Optimal Movement also encourages other new businesses to take advantage of powerful business growth tools. “It takes money to make money, right? So investing in a tool that’s going to get you positive reviews and helps you capture quality leads is priceless.”

Ready to Grow Like Optimal Movement? More Reviews, More Leads, More Customers (and Ultimately Higher ROI)

Optimal Movement’s success story highlights the importance of managing online reviews and leveraging them to attract more customers. Using DemandHub’s local business growth platform, Optimal Movement was able to get quality leads, and collect and showcase positive reviews, which helped them increase their visibility on search engines, attract more customers, and ultimately boost their revenue.

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